World’s Most Spectacular Hotels

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The Cozy Peach

The Cozy Peach: Bringing Back Home the Farm Life Experience

Since the beginning of time, humans have traveled for different reasons. Be it to explore and discover new lands or, as people popularly pursue these […]

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Niall Rochford | Ashford Castle
Ashford Castle: A Legacy of Absolute Excellence in Hospitality

In your long travels satiating your wanderlust, finding the right hotel to let off some steam is an absolute necessity. A hotel that strives to […]

Lawrence Ngugi | Head Guide | Borana Lodge
Borana Lodge: Promoting Conservation Through Thoughtful Lodging

The global climate crisis is no more a secret and millennials are not ignorant about the urgency to start acting on saving the environment. In […]

Capella Ubud
Capella Ubud: Your New Favorite Place for a Perfect Retreat 

When you are feeling lost with the everyday chaos and need some quality time to relax, then taking a vacation is the perfect deed to […]

Jaya House River Park | Christian de Boer
Jaya House River Park: Delivering an All-inclusive Leisure Experience

A budget is probably the first thing that anyone thinks of when planning a vacation anywhere. Other aspects like venue, transportation, and duration follow after […]

Keemala: Escape the Mediocre. Experience Your Own Paradise

Imagine a place where you are being healed by the nature, experiencing a pleasant environment, and are far away from your everyday work; an atmosphere […]

The Athenaeum Hotels
The Athenaeum Hotels and Residences: Offering Nothing Less Than the Finest Experiences

The ways of the world have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. On an individual and industrial level, every process has been changed to comply with […]

Manoir Hovey | Managing Director & part of the ownership family | Manoir Hovey
Manoir Hovey: A Spectacular Experience that Lasts A Lifetime

Travelling is a great way to experience new cultures and different ways of life. With so many options and destinations, choosing the right hotel can […]