World's 10 Best AR/VR Solution Providers, 2020

Cover Story

Ken Ehrhart | Founder & CEO | Paracosma Inc.

Paracosma Inc.: Advancing Augmented and Virtual Reality in Business through Science, Art and Experience

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are two examples of modern advancements which have revolutionized visual communication. Be it education, communication, healthcare, defence or any other industry all are disrupted by AR […]

Project Listings

Sergiu Ardelean | Co-Founder & CEO | Artivive
Artivive: Bringing Art to Life

Artists always look for new ways to differentiate themselves and their work from others in order to communicate with viewers. To address these needs, Artivive was founded […]

Sundar Moorthi | CEO & Founder | AUGMENTes
AUGMENTes: Changing the Way We Shop

With the advent of the World Wide Web, our beloved planet Earth is changing at a rapid pace. The retail industry is not been left untouched by these […]

Mike Bundock | Director & Founder | Augview
Augview: Helping Organizations to be Agile

Born due to the large shift in the IT market, Augview Limited is an augmented reality software development company specializing in the visualization of asset data. The leaders […]

Cyril Tuschi | CEO & Founder | you-VR
you-VR: A Worldwide VR Multiplayer Solution Provider

Founded in 2015, You-VR is a solution provider for the entertainment industry (LBE) and added multiplayer B2B solutions. Founding the entertainment brand Vonderland for international […]

Dan Stefan | Co-Founder | Digital Artflow
Digital Artflow: Enhancing Visual Experience through Multiple Realities

Modern technology has been going through disruptive changes over the years. Adaptive augmented reality mixed in virtual reality can help to create a number of prototypes that allow […]

CleverBooks, Dr.Darya Yegorina, Founder
CleverBooks: An Incredible Way to Make Study Come Alive

In the era of rapid digital advancement, schools are now struggling to maintain relevancy in their classes. Thanks to the rapid changes in the job […]

Gal Shvebish | Co-Founder & CEO | Snaappy
Snaappy: Making Visual Communication More Approchable

Science has narrowed the line between reality and virtual.” AR and VR two leading agile technologies are an excellent example for this statement which are transforming view […]

Lorne Fade | Co-founder & COO | VR Vision Inc.
VR Vision Inc.: Delivering Unparalleled Virtual World Experience

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality go hand in hand to achieve something that has never been accomplished before. The experience of VR/AR technology is exhilarating. Many applications in […]

Ziggy Kormandel | Founder and CEO | Augmently
Augmently, Inc.: Delivering the Exceptional AR Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been the hot topics among tech developers for several years. During that time, consumers living in the digital world […]