Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions

Videos are one of the most effective tools to market business. Videos help the audience connect with products and services in a better manner. The right video marketing plan can boost web traffic and increase conversions. 

Video marketing is not limited only to YouTube; it could just be used on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It has been estimated that video marketers get 66% more leads and experience a 54% increase in brand awareness per year.

Video marketing is not just about posting any video, but more about how you develop a successful marketing strategy template from that and use them to drive further traffic and achieve conversions.

Video making is an entire process, and it involves efforts to convert it into a great marketing tool. 

Here are some simple ways to use your videos for driving traffic and conversions:

  1. Create great YouTube thumbnails

Awesome YouTube thumbnails are a great clickbait. They increase your chances of getting clicks manifolds. There are many online tools available, like Canva, with the help of which you can easily make professional-like graphics for your thumbnails.

  1. Create good intros, outros, and promos for your video

You must create awesome and engaging promos, intros, and outros for your videos. You can use many templates to make promotional videos, intro and outro maker templates which are available online, and then edit them properly before using them for your videos.

  1. Define your marketing campaign goals

Before starting a video marketing campaign, you must conduct proper research related to your target audience; create content that resonates with them, and then make a selection of channels you want to market your content Creator to. Unless you market your content on the right platform, you cannot expect your desired results.

Do not forget to define goals like awareness, sales, or traffic, while you make your video marketing campaign. Now is the time to give the right tone and messaging to your video so that you can make a connection with your target audience.

To get great results, try gathering some consumer insights before you plan the launch of your video. This will help to optimize your investment in the video.

  1. Use compelling headlines

If your headlines can turn the heads on then more than half your target is achieved. If the headline is not catchy enough to hold the attention span of the viewer, then all the hard work you did in creating the video will go in vain. 

Your headlines must be able to drive the traffic by promising to solve a problem your viewer is looking for and should be able to connect intellectually and spiritually.

  1. Videos for educating viewers and converting them into leads

Many marketers use Twitter chats, Google Hangouts, and other similar platforms for engaging with their customers. But sometimes simple chats get quite boring and marketers lose their potential customers.

On the other hand, using videos is a much more effective way of anchoring your viewers. This is an easier method to convert viewers into leads.

  1. Use product videos for boosting conversions

If you add a video for displaying your product, then it would be much more effective as compared to simple images. You can either hire a professional or create your own videos using templates available online on InVideo.

Do not aim for making complicated videos; initially just create simple videos hiring a model for your product.

  1. Use screencasts to resolve customer queries

Screencasts are one of the most effective tools for answering common customer queries and resolving customer service cases. Use short product videos or service-related videos for engaging with your customers. You can either create short or detailed screencasts as required.

Do not waste your time in making these screencasts professional because you aim to provide help to your customers through these screencasts. 

  1. Video testimonial is a great tool to drive traffic

Customer testimonials in the form of videos could be great for driving traffic to your website. Through customer testimonial videos, you can communicate the value of your product or service to a visitor in a most powerful way. The reason is simple – customers trust other customers as compared to the company as the other customer can tell the experience with the product in real-time. 

This is very simple to do. Just ask some of your loyal customers to record a short video of a maximum of two minutes talking about their experience with your product. You can either ask them to come to your office and do it for you or either they can record the video on their smartphone and mail you the recorded video after doing it at the comfort of their home.

Just do minor editing and post these testimonials on your landing page where other visitors can easily see them.

  1. Video advertisements for lead to sale conversions

Video ads are considered one of the most effective mediums of sale. Approximately 72% of ad agencies trust online ads and consider them as more effective as compared to television commercials.

Online videos have a quite high click-through rate (CTR), and they can be easily created for any product or even brand. You can promote these video ads through pay per click or Google search engine marketing

  1. Videos for converting opportunities into customers

A video can be used to achieve high conversion rates after the sales department has identified an opportunity. A video makes a salesperson’s job of explaining the product in detail and then resolving customers’ queries. 

A demo of the product is all that is required. Marketers can use a video app to share their screen, or they can simply use an embedded video for the demo purpose. 

Using a nice video for demonstrating all the features of the product is much better and effective than using a phone and verbally explaining about a product. You need to show the buyer how your product works, and then at the end, your sales team will simply have to answer the buyers’ queries. 

So videos are used to create an effective and compelling marketing strategy and attain great conversion rates.