Social media has completely changed the way we interact and share ideas, how we influence others, and how we allow ourselves to be influenced. It is the tool of choice for world leaders, governments, major corporations, celebrities, and anyone else who wants to connect directly with an audience of millions.

This remarkable ability to be seen and heard – and to personally communicate with – such large swathes of the human race instantly is unprecedented both in scope and scale. It transcends barriers of race, religion, nationality, age, social status, and almost every other factor which we use to divide ourselves.

It is true, instant democracy.

Wielding any powerful tool requires a level of skill, and social media is no exception. This is amply evident from the news stories we regularly hear of disastrous social media faux pas from stars, politicians and respected organizations. They could all have made the news for the right reasons had they chosen Viral In Nature.

The Building Blocks of Success 

Viral In Nature was founded in 2010 as GoWowMedia, and rebranded to its current name in 2013. Besides Social Media Management, it also specializes in Reputation Management and Web Development.

The Canadian company focuses on helping small and medium enterprises utilize the power of social media. It helps them to bridge the gap between remaining a local presence and acquiring a global customer base. Their incredible success rate with smaller businesses has prompted global companies to seek out their services as well.

Hard work and commitment is in the firm’s DNA. 12 hours of each day, 7 days a week, and 365 days are the hours of coverage they do for their social media clients. Viral In Nature devotes more time and energy to social media management and live event social media management than its rivals. And the results speak for themselves.

Viral In Nature has become the most awarded social media agency in North America. Respected publications like and have consistently ranked it as one of the world’s top social media marketing agencies. CV Magazine named it the USA’s Best Social Media Agency for 2018.

With accolades like that, it is no wonder that the firm is poised to become one of the most powerful social media hubs for business anywhere.

Multi-Faceted Excellence 

Viral In Nature maintains a singular focus on its clients. While other companies may claim to be client-centric, Viral In Nature has proven consistently that it truly embodies that spirit. This is evident not just from the industry accolades that keep piling up, but from the testimonials of customers whom the firm considers its best ambassadors.

The other area in which Viral In Nature invests considerable time and effort is technology. Social media is by its very nature a tech-driven field, and it is only by leveraging the vast potential it holds that truly spectacular results are possible.

The company constantly seeks out, tests, develops, and implements the latest advances, applications and hardware such as new and unique cameras. In this way, every client is assured a cutting-edge solution that keeps them ahead of the competition.

To foster an environment of constant learning and adaptability, the company holds regular meetings that focus primarily on emerging trends in social media. Conducted in an open discussion format, it allows team members to keep abreast of developments that may not relate to their specialty directly. This creates a rich tapestry of residual knowledge upon which they can draw in the future.

A pro-active approach is critical to how Viral In Nature operates. The agency adopts a policy of creating a wide footprint for each client across a range of social media platforms. It adheres to this philosophy to mitigate the negative effects of policy changes at any one of those companies, and to insulate its clients from unforeseeable downturns like the one currently plaguing Facebook.

The Man Behind the Brand 

Shawn Alain is the President of Viral In Nature and the owner of the company.

Mr. Alain began his career in media with the publishing industry. He recognized the massive potential of social media marketing before it had become the global phenomenon it is today. In 2010, after a decade in publishing, he set up GoWowMedia, the predecessor to Viral in Nature.

A slew of success in Twitter and Facebook marketing gave Mr. Alain the groundwork and an intimate understanding of the industry. It was upon this foundation that Viral In Nature was born.

The Journey Beyond 

Viral In Nature is undoubtedly one of the best social media management agencies in North America.

However, Shawn is eager to take his brand to a truly international level, with plans for Europe, Australia and Latin America already on the cards. In fact, the firm has already hired staff fluent in French and Spanish as the first step to this expansion.

In line with its policy of giving every client a wide social media presence, Viral In Nature has always managed them across five to seven platforms. With an increasingly business-centric focus and undaunted by change, the company is always on the lookout for newer, better options that will more thoroughly serve its clients’ needs. Technology is unbiased – it will favor the most effective solution. Viral In Nature does not only apply this philosophy, it has itself become the best example of its veracity.

Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Media & Entertainment Companies 2018

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