VerseOne Group: Leading the Market Space with Digital Transformation

The interpretation of digital technology in business has transformed the conventional method of business. It has not only changed the way business was being perceived but also how it is being performed.  Predictably, every aspect of business including, management and operation is being operated using modern technology. This digital disruption has also changed the way of providing services to customers. Once entering the realm of digital world, every business is set for a competition to stand out among its competitors.  With every information just finger tips away for the customers, the business world has become more cautious than ever. However, the winner of this race would only be one who is ahead of others in every aspect.

While there are many service providers helping industrialists to always stay ahead of the competition, VerseOne Group is one such solution provider company that delivers outstanding customer engagement and user experiences powered with digital transformation solutions.

The Complete Business Partner

A successful digital service and technology integration organization, VerseOne Group’s sole purpose is to provide its customers with innovative Digital Transformation solutions across multiple channels that deliver outstanding customer engagement and user experience. The incomparable business advocacy offered by VerseOne includes web technology platforms, digital, and creative services to the social housing, healthcare, local government, and other commercial markets. The team at VerseOne aims to deliver a highly-personalized, functional and beautifully-crafted digital transformation solution that offers the best engagement and experience to its clients which would help them in enhancing their business content. “We put our customers’ requirements at the heart of what we do by helping them cut through the online noise to deliver their content and messages to their target audience on any device and in an intelligent, personalized and effective way”, quotes Alan Neilson, Founder of VerseOne. Having 15 years of experience in blending creative and digital knowledge with online and mobile technologies, VerseOne has been leading the market space with its exceptional business content. The recognitions gained by VerseOne for its innovation, quality, and corporate culture have proven that its strategy of focusing on its customers’ needs and working in partnership with them is the right approach to gain success in business.

Creator of the Digital Gateway

Alan Neilson, the Founder of VerseOne is the driving force of this digital hub. Apart from managing VerseOne, Alan also acts as a director, adviser and investor for other early-stage IT and technology companies. Being a graduate in BSc in Computer Studies, Alan has profound experience in the IT industry which spans over his 30-year career. His past experience includes serving as the Founder and CEO of Royalblue Technologies Plc; a wholly owned subsidiary of Royalblue group Plc – now Fidessa group Plc, a FTSE 250 organisation. Alan was the catalyst of company and played a major role in all aspects of growth at Royalblue Technologies. Among the various roles played by him in VerseOne, Alan is responsible for the formulation of VerseOne’s current and long range strategies and executing the best strategies to maximise the group’s success through delivering innovative and value for money solutions to the customers. Alan also makes sure that the work culture at VerseOne is adaptable and productive for the employees. He believes that right company culture helps in expanding business.

Improving the Customer Experience

 While there are countless digital solution providers, VerseOne is exceptional due to its extraordinary features. It is no secret that the greatest asset of any organization is the employees. VerseOne is proud of its pool of experienced employees who are the key factors of the company. While employees are the key ingredients, VerseOne believes that having satisfied and happy clients are very important for any business to flourish. The team at VerseOne acts as an extension to its client’s business and to understand how they can maximize their values. Alan adds, “Value and cherish your IP whilst at the same be open to collaborating with key strategic partners to offer the greatest value to the customers within the intended market sectors”.

The team at VerseOne believes that effective and intelligent managing and sharing of business content creates unique competitive advantages and real return on investment. Hence, one of the proven approaches to provide the best digital solutions for its customers is through the content. This approach of the company has helped it in its organic and profitable growth over the past 15 years.

Committed to enhance the customer experience the team at VerseOne is always evaluating the latest products, best practice methods, and design trends. The team also ensures its solutions are extensible and future-proofed, developed using open standards to provide robust integration with its customer’s existing business technology platforms. VerseOne also has taken unique steps for the security of the data with the help of its hosted solutions located in ISO 27001 data centers situated in the United Kingdom.

Honors Received

While promising to release new and improved content management functionality, VerseOne primarily focuses on delivering real value and return on investment (ROI), whilst being incredibly easy to deploy and having a low and predictable cost of ongoing ownership. Being widely appreciated for this approach, VerseOne enjoys a customer base of more than 120 organizations. VerseOne’s digital services and technology platforms spreads over 200 websites, intranets, secure portals, and stakeholder management solutions.

The list of honors received by VerseOne includes being been twice recognized by Red Herring as one of the Top 100 Technology Companies in Europe and entitled as ‘One of the Global Top 20 CMS Providers’ by CIO. VerseOne was also shortlisted for the Technology Company of the Year 2017 by the UK National Technology Awards

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