Nauto,  a leading US based transportation technology company has introduced an anti-distraction system named  ‘Prevent’ that keeps tabs on commercial drivers and vehicles, with the help of extremely advanced software.

‘Prevent’ is equipped with rear and front cameras to keep an eye on driver and road view as well. Using these cameras based monitoring system, the Company aims is to make driving safer and in order to achieve this, the company will train corporate drivers to face various challenging circumstances. Nauto’s ‘Prevent’ not only notifies the driver’s suspicious behavior , but also various risky and damaging activities they are involved in.

The device can also save drivers from major fatalities by sounding an alarm. In case a driver falls asleep, based on his driving speed and duration of the changes in speed, the system can proactively sound an alarm. Device notifies the drivers with voice alert after distraction of 5 seconds and if the driver continues to be distracted, it blows an all-out alarm. It also notifies when the vehicle crosses speed limit of 60 mph.

Its installation point is near the rear-view mirror of the vehicle to track road status and driver’s position. It takes care of tailgating suspect too. The device will cost $499 for the  and an additional, $39.95 per month to customers.

Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto stated that, “We designed the whole thing to be really focused on keeping the driver safe without being intrusive”. Heck added, “We want to help human drivers, not just rat them out to their boss.”

The device also records all the activities which can later be taken off in form of video files and used for the evidence purpose.

Company has many expectations with the device regarding safety and to reduce the rate of accidents, collisions, and many other risks.

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