US Giant Came Up with New Operating System

Apple, a leading technology company, announced 12th version of iOS. 81% of iOS users are using iOS 11 and all the iOS 11 users would be eligible to run iOS 12. The new version brings improvements in Group Face Time, Screen Time, Siri Shortcuts, Improved Performance, Animoji, Shared AR Experience, Password Manager Application and much more.

In iOS 12, Camera works 70% faster, duration of keyboard display increases up to 50% faster and app launch time up to 40% faster. It lets its user to do video and audio chats with 32 people at a time. It automatically enlarges screen of the person speaking at that time and also allows enlarging another member’s screen by double clicking on it.

Screen time also enables its user to manage overall device using time for kids as well as adults. It records Activity Reports of time duration a person spends on each app, count of notifications received and pick up time of the device by user. Users can set time limit of using a particular app or website, and as time limit will be about to expire the screen time, feature will notify the user. It also allows the user to block using time of the device.

Siri has been introduced as an intelligent reminder tool. It observes the human’s daily activities and makes shortcuts of those activities and gives a voice alert for the same such as coffee time, medicine, meeting time and many more. It also suggests the person according to situation like if someone is getting late for a meeting, then Siri will suggest calling or messaging to the organizer for time delay.

The new iOS 12 contains some new Animojies and enables people to create own Animoji or Memoji with personalized characters. A new feature has also been introduced in which Animoji and Memoji detects winks and tongue to deliver more expressions.

New iOS 12 has also updated the DND service in terms of time management tool as it helps people to be in moment like meeting, classes, bedtime, etc. by dimming screen light and removing notifications from lock screen.

If any user uses many accounts, apps and websites, password manager helps the user to have access to all accounts even if the user forgets password by launching password manager and copy password from there and paste it to the app or website in question. Or one can tap the Autofill option on Quick Type Bar and get access easily. This feature also helps users to use complicated passwords, which are not easy to remember to keep the confidential information safe.

The new version of iOS 12 has many more interesting features for the users and will also be available for iphone5s and later models.