United Airlines and IBM to Work together on Enterprise iOS Applications for Frontline Staff

Apple mobility and IBM  gains another blue chip client in the form of United Airlines, who has declared a partnership to deliver iOS apps to more than 50,000 devices for the United Airline’s frontline employees’.

The apps which will be rolled out to United Airlines staff will be powered by analytics and customized for driving the airline’s digital transformation further, enhancing how United helps its customers. In terms of product development, United is utilizing “Mobile at Scale” for iOS, a new add on from the Armonk giant, which is intended for the rapid development and deployment of iOS apps.

United is also looking forward to take advantage of a dedicated IBM iX team to help deliver the new apps, as well as IBM Studios in various cities. So, as the theory goes, flight attendants will have more visibility in getting customers to gates for their respective connecting journeys, while customer service agents will not be chained to the gate podium or their work stations.

“We want our employees to provide exceptional service to our customers during their travel experience,” Jason Birnbaum, United VP of operations technology, said in a statement. “We have incredible employees out in the field who rely on technology to help our customers. Working closely with Apple and IBM, enables us to provide inventive solutions for them on an unprecedented scale.”

According to United Airlines, the firm has a fleet of 82,272 employees in total, with approximately 20,000 working inflight and on airport operations and cargo respectively, and 11,000 working in flight operations.