Uber to lift app restrictions on drivers in NYC in response to Coronavirus.

Uber had been restricting drivers from signing on their app due to the virus. The company stated that they wanted to keep their drivers safe from the pandemic. Uber had begun restricting their drivers access to the app in light of a law passed in 2018 that stated that the company needed to pay their drivers at least $17.22 an hour after their usual expenses. This would account for the total time the driver has spent in the vehicle with a passenger as compared to the time spent alone and in a wait for their next passenger.

Lyft had begun restricting its drivers from utilising the app and letting them go. These drivers then sought to join Uber and had increased substantial traffic for the app which had forced Uber to follow Lyft and restrict the drivers access to the app. Due to the pandemic, Uber has now decided otherwise. They have allowed the drivers to tap out. They have the drivers well being in mind and do no want them to worry about whether they could get into the app or not.

The major question that arises is that whether Uber would be able to maintain a driver stability. There has been a sudden upsurge in the number of drivers. The virus has hit New York really hard and there are numerous other cities which have been affected.