Turn-key Technologies: A Networking Key to Thrive in IT

The future is wireless. Wi-Fi networks have become so ubiquitous that most mobile devices connect to the World Wide Web through Wi-Fi hotspots. This is the trend both in the home and in the workplace, and the ease and convenience inherent in wireless technology drives its popularity.

Voice-over-Wi-Fi mobile telephony for enterprise was first rolled out in the late 1990s at healthcare facilities. It was largely unsuccessful as Wi-Fi networks could not adequately support voice data. Furthermore, many networking companies that installed the WiFi networks did not fully understand how that component fit into the bigger picture of wireless technology.

Thousands of companies tried their hand at the emerging technology but very few of them have been able to pull it off globally. Turn-key Technologies (TTI) is one of the few that has.

Evolving to Market Needs 

Turn-key Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1991. Its focus was on emergency communications for healthcare and similar organizations with mobile personnel. The company initially utilized radio communications as a means to notify large numbers of staff of emergencies, such as a ‘Code Blue’ within a hospital, or a mass personnel recall to a military base. The company’s successes in this area made it the go-to resource for Wi-Fi manufacturers who needed successful outcomes.

Originally, TTI’s focus was on wireless communications, not IT, but it expanded the spectrum of its services in response to customers’ demands.

Today, TTI offers a full suite of networking solutions from data center, core, and edge switching to indoor and outdoor wireless. Additionally, it facilitates network security, cloud security and managed solutions. The company also has a physical security division with the latest in IP video surveillance with analytics, lone worker protection, mobile duress alarms and access control.

A third division of TTI is a wholesale cable manufacturer and supplier. The company even has full-time teams of structured cabling installers. This wide array of services has been employed by many global companies working in various verticals.

The prime reason behind TTI’s success is its unwavering focus on its customers and their needs. The company invests considerable time and resources in pre-sales design and consultations. This ensures that the company is taking all of a client’s current and future needs into account in the design process.

After installation, TTI provides one year of unlimited access to its services, 24x7x365 TAC at no charge. The entire team of engineers works extensively to help customers over the hump of learning a new system, and act as an extension of the customer’s IT department for one year.

An Eminent Leader 

Craig Badrick, President of TTI, is prominent in the Networking arena. He joined TTI in 1992 as a Regional Sales Manager. Craig’s hard work and leadership qualities earned him the appointment as President and CEO in March of 1999.

TTI has experienced growth of over one thousand percent under Mr. Badrick’s guidance. He has been instrumental in securing a contract with the Veterans Administration to supply narrow band emergency communications systems for over one hundred VA Hospitals across the USA. TTI completed the transition in less than two years.

Such significant client relations have played an important role in company’s developments. TTI has become a true leader in wireless communications across multiple platforms and manufacturers under Craig’s astute leadership.

Over the past three years alone, TTI has been included on Inc.’s list of 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies, 20 Most Promising Wireless Providers and Top 10 Network Design and Integration Service Companies.

Overcoming Early Challenges 

Craig recalls, “Originally, as we were not a networking company, our growing pains were centered on networking standards and understanding how a network works from A-Z.” 

The company had a vision but finding the resources required was another challenge. Thus, living up to networking standards was a tough ask. However, the company educated its relatively new but promising engineers, and hired networking specialists. Its focus on assimilating essential certifications also smoothened the process.

Turn-Key Associate Engineers hold the highest manufacturer and agnostic certifications across all facets of business, and play a critical role in delivering the quality solutions for which the company is known.

Gaining Trust with Best-in-Class Solutions 

TTI is committed to its journey as a trusted advisor to its clients. The primary aim is to provide them the design solutions and support they need with uncompromising agility, and to thrive on the global stage through innovation.

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