Trisotech: Disruptively Innovating and Empowering Clients

Industries appear to change more quickly and drastically than ever, and in many ways, that pace of change is accelerating. Thus, there is an evident uproar about exponential evolution of technology adoption, competition, and most importantly, consumer behaviours. At present, most organizations are not agile enough to adapt and reconfigure their business model as quickly as consumers’ expectations and business environment demand. This is one of the main triggers engaging businesses of all sizes into the digital transformation revolution.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Trisotech provides new and revolutionary ways for digital enterprise knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in this increasingly global and connected world. With its broad cloud-based SaaS offering, Trisotech helps enterprises realize their business transformation goals by analyzing, modeling and continuously improving how things get done.

Trisotech’s innovation is at the center of its DNA. On one hand, it offers a toolset called the Innovation Suite to clients in need for speed at creating and planning the execution of innovative strategies. On the other hand, its Decision Management Suite, a ground-breaking decision automation solution, is disrupting the industry of business process technology.

A Tech-Tuned Leader

Denis Gagné, the Co-Founder and CEO of Trisotech, is the visionary who leads the company and has guided it to becoming a global success and a driving force in international BPM standards for over a decade.

Denis is a technologically intuitive and professionally acute individual, with a M. Math degree in AI from the University of Waterloo and a BSc in Computer Science from the Collège Militaire Royal (CMR) de St-Jean.

He is a member of the international technology standards consortium Object Management Group (OMG), where he serves as the Chair of the BPMN Interchange Work Group (BPMN MIWG) and is a member of the BPM standard notations teams. Denis is also involved with steering committees in workflow management and business process simulation.

Tools that Foster Innovation

The contemporary era is a time where it is more important than ever to create an environment that stimulates innovation and facilitates the implementation of new strategies. If one is a business person who’s experiencing difficult times of change, the chances of being involved in multiple brainstorming sessions with other subject matter experts are obvious. This traditional approach to addressing strategic issues usually includes using a whiteboard and sticky notes to try and find the next revolutionary idea.

Whilst a myriad of books has been written on methodologies to capture and structure ideas, documenting and communicating new strategies remains a problem for many organizations. This is exactly the pain point that Trisotech is addressing with the Innovation Suite, a set of tools that enable creative thinking methods and provides crowd-sourcing tools for capturing and communicating strategies.

With this offering, Trisotech lets organizations of all scales leverage best practices of existing methodologies in a fully digital world where documenting and socializing innovative strategic intent and tactical decisions is one click away. Businesses around the world are now using the Trisotech Innovation Suite on their pathway to digital transformation.

Imminent Business Challenges in the Digital World

Still, becoming digital does not solve all problems. That is because digital businesses are insights driven: they rely on their ability to make the right decisions in time to turn insights into action. The challenge is that business decisions require real-time processing of hundreds of calculations and data sources. Being able to automate and optimize operational decisions is critical to a successful digital transformation.

While decision automation has traditionally relied on Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), recently, numerous businesses are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems. However, the complexity and pace of change in business rules and the current inability for AI systems to explain their decisions demand a new era in business decisions applications and platforms.

Conceiving Innovative Solutions from Demands

At Trisotech, functionalities of every solution are diversified for overcoming challenges. For the company, transparency and explicability of decisions, are must-haves to enhance businesses in the digital world.

“Companies must be able to explain stakeholders how automated decisions were attained. This is why Trisotech introduced the concept of ‘Explainable AI’ with its Decision Management Suite,” states Denis while expressing his insights on the company’s innovation.

The Decision Management Suite rests on the bedrock of an international standard called Decision Model and Notation (DMN), an approach for describing and modeling repeatable operational decisions. “The idea is that, by creating a clear structure of how decisions are made, organizations can minimize the standard deviation of outcomes and gain in consistency,” Denis adds.

The consistency, flexibility and traceability of this method now offer an innovative approach to combining both AI and BRMS into an effective way of addressing the digital business needs for decision automation. With the Decision Management Suite and its one-click user experience design focus, Trisotech is delivering on the promise of clear decision automation that can be orchestrated in any sort of applications, enabling the digital business of the future to capitalize on its key insights.

A Culture of Continuous Innovation

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. Lately, Denis has been working to democratize the Decision Management approach so that more and more companies can start leveraging both the technology and the methodology behind it. He has been working both behind the scenes refining the technological solution and on international stages presenting this disruptive approach to enterprise leaders.

The culture he established at Trisotech is bolstering innovation on two fronts. First, the company provides a technological environment where generating, capturing and sharing quality ideas makes it easy to foster strategic and tactical innovation. Second, Trisotech brings disruption to a market that previously had organizations choosing between complexity and opacity of business decisions. The company is on a continuous path to find new ways of doing things and helping organizations worldwide to quickly capitalize on insights from the market and the business environment.

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