With the advent of new software engineering cultures such as DevOps, cloud usage is growing rapidly. Organizations are increasingly seeking to adopt the cloud to accelerate their business success. Although cloud tech and DevOps are independent, together they can be opted as vital ways through which companies can achieve their digital transformation goals. Additionally, companies are also keen on focusing on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and identifying the opportunity for AWS and DevOps. A company named TriNimbus was established to fill this void.

A Renowned Service Provider

TriNimbus is a leading DevOps service provider and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Its team’s core focus is on AWS and its surrounding ecosystem to support customers who are using the cloud to improve their technical environment and operations to improve business outcomes. The company combines its software engineering background with 24/7 operational support.

TriNimbus customers can successfully increase their agility and availability, tighten security, optimize performance, automate deployments, and manage costs. With a focus on fostering education both internally and externally, TriNimbus hosts AWS User Groups across Canada bringing together members building the AWS community in nine cities.

TriNimbus was born in the cloud, but it grew up in Canada, with coverage coast to coast in both of the country’s official languages, and a reach that extends across the globe. The team at TriNimbus is passionate about technology and cloud, and it comes through in everything it does.

A Luminary Leader and the Two Pillars

Jarrod Levitan, the CEO, has always subscribed to two tenets when building a business: don’t push a rock up a hill and don’t start from scratch. He has been working in the technology industry for over 15 years. He is an experienced entrepreneur and enterprise application provider who applies technology through a practical business lens.

During the time of its inception, Jarrod identified the opportunity for TriNimbus to focus on AWS in Canada. As there were no partners in Canada that understood AWS, the opportunity for TriNimbus was huge and he had a big partner to lean on. It was essential to establish a great relationship with AWS to get TriNimbus off the ground. This was made possible through the hard work and perseverance of Jarrod, Goran Kimovski, CTO and Co-founder, Pankaj Agarwal, Executive Director and Co-founder.

Pankaj is an active investor in Canadian, US, and Indian start-ups and private technology companies, and serves on the boards of a number of companies including Science World and British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA). Goran is a professional software engineer with close to 20 years of experience in building products and solutions in all major technologies and platforms for desktop, client-server, and web development. All three of the torchbearers have ensured that TriNimbus didn’t have to start from scratch. They bootstrapped the company and TriNimbus was born in the cloud.

Jarrod has been awarded the title of AWS Community Hero by AWS, one of a selected group of people who have evangelized the cloud and AWS. Aligned with Jarrod’s ability to be ahead of the time, today TriNimbus is also focusing on new and emerging technologies such as Big Data and containers to deliver better business outcomes for clients.

Streamlining Complexities

TriNimbus understands the complexities that accompany cloud migrations, hence it offers services to help streamline the process and educate its clients on best practices. The company’s solutions and managed services accelerate the cloud-value journey taken by its clients and create outcomes that transform their business.

The wide range of its solutions include DevOps, Cloud Solution Architecture, Infrastructure Optimization, Automation, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Security Assessments, Migration, Big Data, and Disaster Recovery.

TriNimbus also offers the next generation of managed services which are evolving and moving to work with applications and code. It includes DevSecOps, Cost Optimization, and DevOps Enablement.

As the customer environment is all about the code or infrastructure-as-code, TriNimbus assists its customers to automate some of their infrastructure, which sets them free to focus more on outcome based efforts.

A Prominent Outlook

TriNimbus prides itself on every client success and is passionate about the transformations it sees in the businesses it works with. For every customer, from small businesses to government organizations to large enterprises, the company brings three pieces to the table: its expertise, its real-world experience, and technologies that transform its customers’ businesses.

Together, these three pieces help TriNimbus to ignite the potential for innovation and growth for its customers, as they discover the possibilities in the cloud. Serving customers and making them successful for long term is at the core of the company’s processes. The team at TriNimbus is comprised of senior-level experts in software development with deep and extensive AWS expertise.

The company works hard to drive ROI for its customers and help them find ways to save resources and time while enhancing security and efficiencies. This facilitates their explosive and meaningful growth. TriNimbus has earned its reputation within the industry as a go-to resource for companies at every stage of the cloud journey. Its capabilities touch every element and facet of cloud migration, from planning to optimization.

Strategic Capabilities

TriNimbus has a unique depth of knowledge and real-world experience with transformative technologies. The company has a firm understanding of the challenges that come with migrating big data, including infrastructure provisioning, cluster management, performance, configuration management, and data durability with positive business outcomes for its customers. It is well versed in helping its clients to navigate services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon Data Pipeline, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift as well as Hadoop and other SQL or NoSQL databases. It also implements third party tools for deploying and managing solutions to automate deployments and implement DevOps processes for ongoing management.

TriNimbus is a specialist in mobilizing and implementing AWS and its ecosystem of security features. With the deep AWS security knowledge required to get companies set up properly, it offers an in-depth analysis and understanding of the applications and workloads required to run alongside existing company policies.

The company builds containerized platforms and workflows using state of the art orchestration and runtime technologies. By doing so, it assists in the migration of existing VM-based build pipelines to container-based platforms.

TriNimbus has successfully completed complex AWS architectures and implementations across multiple verticals. It has also navigated the complexities of public-private partnerships, and has a strong working understanding of data residency. Its expertise in software engineering enables it to aid architects by deploying a serverless solution, and making recommendations on how to account for data ingestion, databases, and API gateways.

Steering Towards Success

In Canada, convincing some organizations, especially those in the public sector or large enterprises, to adopt the cloud is a challenging task. Hence, keeping pace with technology innovation and staying ahead of the curve with innovative new services and solutions is essential for every organization looking for a competitive edge. In TriNimbus’ perception, organizations should be more adaptable to change and be open to learn at breakneck speeds to better serve their own customers.

However, in the case of burgeoning companies, TriNimbus faced the typical challenges that come with rapid growth like resourcing, creating and setting up new systems around projects, internal as well as external communications, etc. But having a strong leadership team, honest communication, and a clear vision for growth helped the company to steer towards the success.

A Vision to Ascend New Heights

According to Jarrod, “cloud technology is not yet a fully mature market. It has been observed that more companies are moving and adopting cloud technology each year.” This ultimately results in growth for TriNimbus, as the company brings on new clients and helps its current clients to achieve more with the Cloud.

TriNimbus will continue to innovate and reach for new heights to better serve its customers. It is incessantly striving to unveil new possibilities in the cloud to create unparalleled business outcomes and long-term success for its customers.

Source :-Insights Success Recognition of Excellence in DevOps 2018

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