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Olfa Hamdi

Olfa Hamdi: Building the Most Valuable Consulting Brand in the Capital Projects Industry

Embarking on a professional journey as a researcher and auditor of large construction projects to founding Concord® Project Technologies Inc, realizing the loopholes in the […]

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Debbie Flevotomou Architects
Debbie Flevotomou: Think Nature with Architecture

Entrepreneurs lead from the front, making the most of every opportunity. With rising sanctions on the construction industry, it is interesting to watch business leaders […]

Jenny Haag
Jenny Haag: Bringing Brands to Life

With a unique perspective across multiple platforms, Jenny Haag spent almost 20 years in the construction and sports industry across various sectors, bringing brands to […]

Simone de Gale
Simone de Gale: Crafting Architecture that Connects to Nature

From the brilliant mind of Simone de Gale, an architecture company is redefining the rules of modern architecture by staying true to its roots – […]

Valeria Segovia
Valeria Segovia: Delivering Designs to Create a Better World with a Sense of Responsibility

Confronting the challenges in the world by utilizing design excellence can help people create a better world. When Valeria Segovia felt an enormous sense of […]