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Luis Villalon | CEO | Target Robo

Target Robotics: Optimizing Industrial Processes through Automation with Robots

Businesses are inclining towards more simplified operations and processes, and thus practicing automation to save their valuable time on doing monotonous jobs. Robotics accompanying automation has brought a substantial change in […]

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Deepak Vijayaraj | Managing Director | Unite IT Consulting
Unite IT Consulting: A Leading IT Solution Provider with Extensive Services

The face of business world has completely changed by the disruptive technologies. However, not every business is ready to get along with the disruption. Many of […]

Ofer Laksman | CEO & Chairman | Correlata Solutions
Correlata: Transforming Data Centers for the Future

In order to solve problems related to digital transformation and business efficiency they reside within, Correlata Solutions, founded in 2010, has aimed to become the single solution […]

Jim McNeese | Owner & CEO | C2XCEL
C2XCEL: Building Strong Relationships with Modern Technology

A professional technology advisory firm C2XCEL, is providing strategic technology solutions for small and mid-size businesses and enterprise-level companies. As a company C2XCEL increases operational […]