Top Tech Companies with Disruptive Innovations2019

Cover Story

John Herr | Chief Executive Officer | Avetta | Insights Success

Avetta: Strengthening Supply Chains with Supplier Qualification & Management

According to prominent research, 472 million entrepreneurs worldwide are attempting to create new companies, with approximately 100 million new businesses opening each year. In this extremely competitive global business […]

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Tom Whicher, Rinesh Amin, Perran Pengelly | Founders | DrDoctor | Business Magazine
DrDoctor: Fundamentally Changing the Interaction with NHS

NHS hospitals do an extraordinary job of caring for patients with the available tools, but the technology in the other industries has improved by quite […]

IPsoft: Shaping the Future of IT and Business Operations

With the mission to power the world with intelligent systems, eliminate routine work and free human talent to focus on creating value through innovation, IPsoft […]

Antonella Rubicco | CEO | A3Cube | Insights Success
A3Cube: Offering High Performance Data Computing

Nowadays, everything is driven by data and this creates large sets of the same. To analyze such amount of data sets, there is a growing requirement of […]

Sumit Ganguli | CEO | GAVS Technologies | Insights Success
GAVS Technologies: Accelerating Innovation and Digital Transformation

As we are surging towards the digital era, organizations are intending to shift digital iteration to innovation, using AI to improve their processes, increase customization, and boost their productivity. Many […]

Kristen Bailey | Chief Marketing Officer | ZipLine | Insights Success
ZipLine: Empowering the Merchant-Consumer Connection

Evolving technologies, driven largely by consumer preferences, are a driving force behind rapidly evolving retail environments. Often, a key to the success of one brand over another […]