AR VR Revolution

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2IMMERSIVE4U®: Democratizing Virtual Reality

Storytelling has been an efficient medium for interactive communication. Starting with pictographs to deriving a standard text for easy expression, storytelling has been at the […]

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Lucky Gobindram
CXR: Building Experience-focused Technology that changes the way we Live, Work, and Play

The neuroscientific community has often remarked that reality is coupled with the perception t We have the creative capability to guide the contents of our […]

Amy Kenigsberg
How SMART Goals Make for a Smarter Marketing Strategy

  By Amy Kenigsberg, COO & Co-founder of K2 Global Communications When only 61% of marketers believe their marketing strategy is effective, and 58% of marketers are struggling to […]

Vanishing Point VR
Vanishing Point Media: Driving the Bandwagon of Extended Reality Space

In every walk of our personal and professional life, we share stories to communicate, exchange information, or consume ourselves in tea-break giggles. Imagine the efforts […]