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Claude Letourneau, President & CEO of Svante Inc

Svante: Accelerating the Global Transition to Carbon Neutrality with Carbon Management

The industrial revolutions accelerated human progress and caused a pivotal shift from medieval life to modern life. This shift led to the expansion of the […]

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Martin Baartis, CEO of ecoligo
ecoligo: Proudly Leading the Clean Energy Revolution

We, as a society, live with the haunting awareness of our climate crisis every day. When the world leaders commit to a ‘net-zero by 2050’, […]

Alex Magaraggia & James Calver, founders of Ecoware
Ecoware: Saving the World One Package at a Time

There is a rule of nature, ‘What comes from the earth goes back to the earth.’ Mother earth—encompassing every living and non-living thing—functions on this […]

Emanuel Heisenberg, co-founder & CEO of ecoworks
ecoworks: Digitizing Energetic Renovations for the Housing and Construction Industry

Earth is warming faster than it has ever been before. Extreme weather events such as droughts, heat waves, heavy rains, floods, and landslides are becoming […]

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen
Pavegen: Creating Pathways to A Sustainable World

Making a difference doesn’t always mean changing the entire world – though that certainly is desirable and ideal. Sometimes it can be as simple as […]

Jonathan Garcia, CEO of Simmitri
Simmitri: Demonstrating Expertise in Designing the Finest Energy Solutions

The world has marched into the third decade of this century, and there is an unprecedented impetus behind us to leave the age of fossil […]

Al Costa, Founder & CEO of TeknTrash
TeknTrash: Changing the Landscape of Sustainability

When a certain company’s scrap is properly disposed, the chances of them ending up on the black market are less to none. A company can […]