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Nexus Robotics: Bridging Agriculture and Robotics through Innovation

Why has technology become an almost omnipresent entity in our daily lives? Why do we rely on appliances and strings of codes for tasks as […]

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Richard Nahas: Updating Integrative Medicine with Tech Innovations

There’s long been a rift between conventional medicine and alternative forms of healing. Evidence has become profoundly important in Western society, and especially for the […]

Rokoko: Reimagining the Possibilities of the Animation Industry

What do you think about when you watch modern superhero movies shooting lasers, smashing through buildings, or wearing a suit made of Vibranium? Our childhood […]

THEMAGIC5: Elevating the Experience of Swimming Sport

Swimming is counted among the most popular activities in the sports arena. As a hobby, it is a therapeutic activity. It does not just engage […]