Top 10 Self-Made Women in Business, 2020

Cover Story

Amy C. Cross | Founder & CEO | StillPoint Capital, LLC.

Amy C. Cross: Industry Leader for the Greater Good

A person who comprehends the needs of their clients and employees, and makes efforts to bring the best for them, defines a true leader. Even […]

Project Listings

Alejandra Guzman | Vice President & Real Estate and Capital Attraction | New Orleans Business Alliance
Alejandra Guzman: A Leader who Shows the Way Forward

One of the few accredited economic development organizations worldwide, the New Orleans Business Alliance was formed in 2010 through a coalition of business and civic […]

Mary Pat Moyer | CEO | INCELL Corporation
Mary Pat Moyer: Excellence in Technology, Scientific Achievements and Perseverance

Since the 1970s, Mary Pat Moyer has been very active in the academic, government, and industry Life Science Communities in San Antonio, the State of […]