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Jan Heere: A Visionary to Tackle Every Digital Challenge

Businesses are undergoing major transformations today. These include globalization, new technologies, growing demand to change business practices, increased pressure to build next-gen products, and many […]

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Jody Paulus | CEO | Europlasma
Jody Paulus: Offering Innovative Nano-coating Solutions

The path of leadership isn’t something that one walks on; it is the path one paves for oneself by capturing the essentials of the journey […]

Wael A. Itani: A Continual Pursuit of Freshness

Wael is no stranger to change management and business transformation, having spent 27 years in leading MNCs in the Middle East, Africa, India and GCC […]

Nabil Ben Soussia: Thriving for a Significant Change

Success is attainable when preparation meets an opportunity. With extreme diligence and presence of mind, cognizant business leaders are ever ready for changes, believing in […]

Henrik Andersson: Pioneering Smart Retail 2.0

Signage! A discovery that emerged into commercial space by the early 20th century. From the inception of billboards to wall-mounting digital screens, the signage industry […]

Mimoun A. Assraoui: Addressing Migration Needs of Investors and High-net-worth Individuals

The whole world is a playground for entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and investors, and therefore having multiple citizenship or residency options is their essential need. When […]