Cover Story

Chad Holmes of Kivu Consulting

Chad Holmes: Fusing Expertise and Advanced Technology to Deliver Excellent Cyber Security Solutions Worldwide

As organizations were forced to modernize and transform their IT environments at a rapid pace due to the pandemic, it gave their employees remote access […]

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Gina Rivera of Phenix Salon Suites
A Profound Take on Beauty Industry

My family has been in the beauty industry since 1929. I grew up sweeping hair off of the floors of my parent’s salon. I always […]

Dev Garg of Easyanalytic Inc
Dev Garg: Inspiring the Greatness in Others

One can never really make someone do something great by force. Leaders need to be genuinely exemplary to inspire the greatness in others. Greatness comes […]

Jeff LoCastro of Neener Analytics
Jeff LoCastro: An Epitome of Innovative Leadership

As the CEO of Neener Analytics, it’s a race every day for Jeff LoCastro. Jeff believes that great CEO’s have the ability to constantly switch […]

Ran Rachlin of Ubertesters
Ran Rachlin: Leading by Empowering Employees

CEOs of the organizations should have the competence that drives efficiency and should have soft skills that leads to building sustainable connections with people. Competence […]

Rob Rosenberger of Blackdragon
Rob Rosenberger: Transforming Federal Contracting Community with a Novel Approach

It is rare these days to come across an individual with rock-solid work ethics and core values. With the unique ability to focus on the […]

Ronald Hajj of SilexPro
Ronald Hajj: Innovating things Beyond Imagination

Leading with passion and serving with passion is key attribute of good leaders. They stretch their imagination and creativity beyond conventional norms. Ronald Hajj is […]