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John Foresi | CEO & Co-Founder | Venterra Realty

John Foresi: Leading with Values and Continual Innovation

Great business leaders are driven by core values, and when those values are embraced entirely by an organization, great results are achieved. John Foresi, CEO [...]

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Raissa de Haas, Co-Founder, Double Dutch Ltd
Advertising And Promoting Of Cocktails In The Food And Drink Industry

Dutch twins Raissa & Joyce de Haas, started Double Dutch drinks in 2015 with a belief that drinking could be more flavourful and that premium […]

Leadership and Success

Success is a mindset! When things happen in our environment it can affect how we think and therefore it can affect our outcomes. The key […]

The Better Future of Crisis

A positive crisis impact From a crisis management perspective, COVID-19 has in many ways had a positive impact, as governments, companies’ & people´s understanding of […]

Amy Hedrick: An Inspiring Business Leader with Admirable Work Experience

When it comes to building the skills and habits of leadership, one must draw upon a lifetime of their own unique experience. As an aspiring […]

Gideon Galloway: Doing Insurance Differently

For businesses across the globe, 2020 demanded new ways of thinking about, and doing, many things. In this difficult year, Gideon Galloway – CEO at […]

Jim Ratcliff: Let’s Improve Overall Health with better Oral Health

Dentistry and medicine have grown as separate branches of healthcare, and it is essential for the two to now integrate fully. Dentists and hygienists can […]

Paul Marcantonio: Leading by Example and Remaining Humble

Leaders need to lead from the front to be exemplary. They need to demonstrate the high degree of competence and strong character to gain the […]

Taryn Andersen: Bridging the Gap between Female Tech Entrepreneurs and Investors

The Covid -19 pandemic has caused an evolution in the technology sector, the world was probably in an era of digital transformation but what was […]