Project Listings

Allie Knull, Founder of ResumeFree
Allie Knull: Taking the Recruitment Process to New Heights

Attracting and retaining the best talent is a challenging task for all businesses. In an organization, having the right person for the job is necessary […]

Cathy Light, CEO of Lideranca Group
Cathy Light: Driven to Help Companies Be Better for a Brighter World

Being a successful entrepreneur is not a destination; it’s a journey of risk-taking and learning experiences comprised of facing and overcoming challenges. Being an entrepreneur […]

Donna Conroy,CEO of SciMar ONE, LLC
Donna Conroy: Innovating Clinical Data Analytics to Accelerate Drug Development

Our common global enemy is disease, so we built a system for pharma that uses data to accelerate development of drugs to fight emerging diseases,” […]

Gail Mercer-MacKay, CEO of Mercer-MacKay Digital Storytelling
Gail Mercer-MacKay: Serving Clients with Integrity

Passion plus experience equals great results. An avid marketer, Gail Mercer-MacKay combined a passion for storytelling with years of sales & marketing experience gained at […]

Geneviève Desautels, CEO of Illuxi
Geneviève Desautels: Harnessing Innovations to Create Immersive and Unique Learning Experiences

To sustain in the competitive world with cut-throat competition one needs to keep learning continuously to avail the advantage over others. Traditional methods of skills […]

Kiyeon Nam, CEO of Beacon Zone Technology
Kiyeon Nam: Preventing Kids from Going Missing and Keeping Them Safe Through Smart Wear IoT Solution

Growing a small company into a universal brand is like climbing a mountain; the journey has many obstacles. For a leader, a positive attitude inspires […]

Kristen Miller, CEO of Stylyze
Kristen Miller: Revolutionizing the Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

Meaningful innovation is what transforms an entrepreneur into a successful business leader. Connecting dots, building bridges to fill the gaps, and bringing a different approach […]

Martha Montoya, CEO of Agtools Inc
Martha Montoya: Improving Profitability of Farmers and Buyers through Actionable Market Data

Making sense of business-critical market data is a costly, time-intensive process, which begins with finding the data – internal and external. The challenge continues with […]

Nehal Mehta, President of Rainbow Secure
Nehal Mehta: Securing Digital World in an Unconventional Way

Innovation is not an option anymore; it has become a necessity. Today, every complex problem needs a novel approach. Nehal Mehta has exemplified this notion […]

Sarah Haggard, CEO of Tribute
Sarah Haggard: Leading from Front by Walking the Talk

Mentorship plays a huge role in all our lives. A good mentor shapes our professional and personal journey. Sarah Haggard is an engaging speaker, writer, […]