Cover Story

Loreto Acevedo, cofounder of Indimin

Loreto Acevedo: Leading the Transformative Rise in the Mining Industry

Leaders in the mining industry, especially women, are passionate about transforming the industry’s face by implementing sustainable, innovative solutions. Recent upgrades in the mining industry […]

Project Listings

Boipelo Lekubo Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited
Boipelo P Lekubo: A Dynamic Leader and an Ardent Finance Professional

Today, resilient and competent women leaders are able to enter any industry. They hold the potential to play the most crucial role even in a […]

Melba Wasunna
Dr. Melba K. Wasunna: An Expert, Inspiration and a Notable Woman Business Leader

With the remarkable 10+ years’ experience in the extractive sector and a strong track record Dr. Melba K. Wasunna Melba is currently the External Affairs […]

Fourera Sotty Maiga ORANO Mining Group
Fourera Sotty Maiga: Empowering Women and Addressing Global Energy and Health Challenges

The mining industry is one of the challenging industries to pursue business in. It takes lot of courage and will-power especially for women leaders to […]

Jacqueline Madsen, Technical Training Consultant, Caterpillar Inc.
Jacqueline Madsen: Unlocking Opportunities and Supporting People to Thrive in the Mining Industry

Mining sector, being largely a man’s domain, has gradually started witnessing the marks of women in the industry. By stepping into the mining industry, women […]

Jeannette McGill, VP Aspen Technology
Jeannette McGill: An Embodiment of Integrity and Professionalism

As an inspiration to many people in the mining industry, Jeannette McGill is that leader who possesses a great deal of knowledge about the mining […]

Kirsty Liddicoat General Manager Evolution Mining
Kirsty Liddicoat: An Accomplished Leader in the Mining Industry

From a Mine Geologist to a General Manager at Evolution Mining, Kirsty Liddicoat’s professional journey has been full of undulating moments, hard work, and dedication. […]

Soraya Madera Barrick Pueblo Viejo
Soraya Madera: Unlocking the True Potential of Mining Business

Mining has traditionally been a male-dominated industry.  To increase diversity and unlock the true potential of human talent, mining companies should be committed to helping […]