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IM Group

IM GROUP: Exuding Excellence with Disruptive Efforts

To keep up with the evolving times of the business world, Inkmaker founded IMGROUP. Incorporating this change the group truly distinguishes its global direction of […]

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Advonex: Sustainable Innovations for a Better Tomorrow

The hope for a sustainable environment is high. Several industries are making a shift towards utilizing renewable resources to protect the environment. As non-renewable resources […]

Lantha Sensors: Analysis Simplified

Breaking the decades-old conventional methods to offer the most straightforward solutions to complex problems, Lantha Sensors was founded by a team of world-class businesspeople, scientists, […]

Microban® International: Innovation and Partnerships Driving Consumer Confidence

To prevent the damage of products from microbial growth, it is essential to control the growth of microbes. Microbial growth also affects the aesthetics and […]