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Savvy Marketers: Helping Companies Transform their Business and Become Game Changers

We Love What We Do I started Savvy Marketers with the goal of helping our clients transform their business by identifying where to play and […]

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Tom Whicher | CEO & Founder | DrDoctor
DrDoctor: Digitizing and Democratizing Delivery of Healthcare

Making medical care accessible to everyone is one of the most noble tasks of all nations. To deliver sufficient medical attention to the patients and […]

Kirk Byles | CEO | FreeWave Technologies Inc.
FreeWave Technologies: Developing Edge Applications that Can Take Critical Decisions

As the world is becoming more digital, it is essential to automate and optimize remote site operations, and act on edge data anywhere. Having an […]

Todd McKay | CEO & Owner | MgO Systems
MgO Systems: Developing Stronger, Safer, Healthier and Sustainable Buildings

Traditional materials for constructing walls, roofs, and floors demonstrate unacceptable performance when it comes to fire, water, corrosion, insects, and energy efficiency. Any constructions that […]

Dutch Ng | CEO & Co-Founder | i-Sprint Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
i-Sprint Innovations: Delivering Trustworthy, Versatile, Strong Authentication and Identity Management Platform

In the rapidly growing cyber world it is essential for individuals, organizations, and societies to have trustworthy, competent, capable, secure, safe, versatile, strong authentication and […]