TimeXtender: The World’s Largest Provider of Data Warehouse Automation – Democratizing Access to Corporate Data

In a world where the volume, velocity, and variety of data is growing exponentially, more companies need data warehouse technology, than ever before. This is because the modern data warehouse plays a critical role in data discovery. TimeXtender enables that discovery, democratizing access to corporate data, faster and more affordably than ever before.

Their flagship product, TX DWA is a data warehouse automation platform that allows companies to build and maintain a modern data warehouse, also known as data discovery hub. A place where data quality and consistency is maintained. A place that acts as a central repository so the right person can access the right data at the right time.

The overall purpose of a data warehouse is to integrate large amounts of corporate data from various sources in a governed and secure fashion.Implementing a data warehouse has traditionally been a long, costly and risky process. Largely because traditional data warehouses were never designed to handle the speed and volume from today’s data-centric applications.

TimeXtender’s approach is different. It allows for both speed and agility by automating everything that can be automated in the data warehouse lifecycle. It’s an approach that goes far beyond just the automation of ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) development. It encompasses the entire datawarehousing lifecycle from the planning, analysis, design , and development , to operations, maintenance, and change management.

TX DWA helps companies tap into multiple data sources, extract relevant information, and place that information in a structured discovery hub. This allows users to access information quickly and easily, and get one version of the truth. It also saves time and money by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. This translates into a substantial cost savings, greater efficiency, and quicker access to useful data and business intelligence.

Heine Krog Iversen, Founder and CEO of TimeX tender, has over two decades experience in Enterprise IT. He started out by working in the Dynamics AX space, was customer number two in the world on Axapta, and moved on to everything data in 2006. That’s when the story of TimeXtender and the mission of democratizing corporate data began.

Since then, he has worked tirelessly to manage TimeXtender’s hyper growth which has averaged 70 percent annually. “From the get go, we developed and have operated on the company motto: “Failure is not an option.” You need to have a strong belief in what you are doing and have the skill to pivot the business as needed,” describes Iversen. “Data is the new oil,” says Iversen. “And what do you need to extract oil? You need a platform.”

Through dedication and perseverance, TimeXtender has transformed from the small startup to become the world’s largest provider of data warehouse automation (DWA) software for the Microsoft® SQL Server® with over 2,600 customers in more than 60 countries. Recently, the company celebrated its North American grand opening with a gala celebration at its new Bellevue, WA headquarters.

TX DWA helps companies tap into multiple data sources, extract relevant information, and place that information in a structured discovery hub. This allows users to access information quickly and easily, and get one version of the truth. It also saves time and money by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. This translates into a substantial cost savings, greater efciency, and quicker access to useful data and business intelligence.

According to Iversen, when the client has an under-standing and appreciation for the inherent capability of data warehouse automation, the relationship becomes even stronger. He says, businesses that embrace the concept – rather than simply adhering to the classical approach to data warehousing because its status quo – see greater success than those who don’t. Simply put, a company can build a data warehouse with manual coding, an extensive consulting team, and hours of development and iterations – or they can leverage the power of DWA to minimize costs, reduce time, and simplify deployment, operations, and up-keep, while improving ease of use and performance.

‘We Add More Value Than They Expected’

While talking about customer relationships Iversen states proudly, “The ideal customer relationship is one in which we add more value than they expected – where we delivered results faster and cheaper than they ever dreamt was possible.”

Liberating Time for Focused Work

Large corporations aren’t the only companies benefitting. Every two weeks, analysts at POSSIBLE, a Seattle based creative agency faced the herculean task of reporting campaign results based on 10 different data sources, applying 20 different measures on 70+ products delivered by 100+ media partners. They would spend on average 35 hours just processing data before they could begin analysis.

A free demo introduced them to a data warehouse automation tool from TimeXtender. After a surprisingly fast implementation period, the “data munging” performed by POSSIBLE’s analysts was reduced 68%. “This has really turned out to be a big win for us. The fact that we can now get actionable data to analysts so much faster allows us to spend more time providing valuable insights to clients,” says Harmony Crawford, POSSIBLE’s Associate Director of Marketing Sciences.

TX DWA, Bridging the Business-IT Gap

By giving business users quick and easy access to the data they need when they need it in a secure and governed fashion, and by liberating IT from the laborious and time consuming tasks of hand coding, TimeXtender is helping to bridge the business – IT gap.

When Belgian steel manufacturer Intersig N.V. wanted to create a customer centric reporting platform guaranteeing quality and service at a competitive price, they needed a visual front end, supported by a robust discovery hub.

“At first, we tried finding a new IT service provider capable of helping us on both fronts, but that proved impossible,” says Luc Van Dessel, IT manager at Intersig. “Some providers may have some technological knowledge, but they lacked feeling for our line of business, or vice versa.”

Then, they discovered the combination of TimeXtender and Qlik “Time to result has been spectacular! TimeXtender simply helped us automate the technical process, just like Qlik has helped us deliver striking visuals.”

TimeXtender’s Data Warehousing Automation platform simplifies the data warehouse process and minimizes the time spent on turning complex data into valuable information. Also, the platform offers the ability to make changes “on the fly” and supports changes at the speed of the business. According to Thomas Truyens, Change Manager, Intersig, it’s the agility factor that sets TimeXtender apart. “It is reassuring to know that whatever future change may hold, our team will be ready to handle it.”

Good for Partners Too!

bWise is one of Qliks largest and most successful partners. The founders have been in the BI space since 2002 Over the years they’ve built a large number of data warehouses using traditional methods. “For business users, getting access to corporate data is always an issue and building a data warehouse is always the solution. But building a data warehouse traditionally takes time.” Says Per Anders Waaler, CTO and Partner of bWise. By adding TimeXtender to their portfolio, Waaler says his team is not only selling more solutions, they’re closing deals faster. “With a tool like this we can close large deals faster because we have solutions to both sides of the data warehouse challenge.”

In addition, Waaler says TimeXtender helped them address a challenge they were experiencing with their own business. “We were doing a lot of different scripting from a lot of different data sources – and when those sources moved or changed, we needed to do more scripting.“ But wait. Isn’t that good for business? Doesn’t it mean more billable hours? “Our business is not about placing consultants on site and collecting an hourly rate. Our success is grounded in delivering business value and growing the long term relationship with our clients. TimeXtender helps us do that,“ Waaler continues. With TimeXtender and Qlik, bWise is setting itself apart from the competition by delivering business value faster, and more affordably than ever before.

Experimenting Machine Learning Into TX DWA

Listening to their customers, and understanding market trends are key components of the TimeXtender research and development efforts. Recently, the company incorporated machine learning into TX DWA. The goal is to remain out in front, leading the industry with solutions that are either needed or perhaps needed but not yet known.

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Company Name: TimeXtender

Management: Heine Krog Iversen, Founder Description: TimeXtender® is a world’s leading

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