The third wave of COVID-19 – Turkey to impose its first full lockdown

As the COVID-positive cases from the third wave hit the healthcare system, the country is ready to go into its first full lockdown which will begin this coming Thursday. Till now the country with 82 million population had managed to stay away from the situation to go under full lockdown.

The government had successfully avoided full lockdown by imposing partial restrictions that brought the daily cases in the country below 6000 by February. However, post this triumph loosening these restrictions brought the third wave of COVID-19 in March in the country. In late April, Turkey registered 60,000 active COVID cases per day, which has been observed as the highest daily surge rate in Europe.

The drastic surge in COVID-19 spread has required the government to take strict actions in favor of lockdown asking all businesses to close until further permission is granted. The schools will be moving to online classes and the supermarket will stay open except for Sundays.