The Rise of Successful Women in Business

Much has already been documented about the gender pay gap in the most prominent firms around the world. The BBC reported in 2019 that every industry pays men more than women, with some sectors, such as finance, construction and insurance businesses the worst offenders.

Many businesses recognise their own shortcomings in this regard and are pledging to make up ground, so women get paid the same amount as men to do the same job. Yet, this is not the only way that median pay for women is on the rise. The raw success of businesswomen is also making them more valuable and contributing to better earnings.

Here are some of the biggest companies with successful female leaders.

1. Jette Nygaard-Anderson

The breaking news in the gaming industry is that Entain has appointed its first female CEO – after a strong 2020 for the group courtesy of their casino successes of UK brand PartyCasino and a re-brand from GVC to Entain. Jette Nygaard-Andersons is the new CEO of Entain and will replace Shay Segev after he unexpectedly quit the group after Entain rejected an $11 billion takeover attempt by MGM Resorts. Jette Nygaard-Anderson is expected to be a massive success after holding other esteemed roles chairing a Danish e-Sports team and executive roles at a Swedish media company.

2. Virginia Rometty

Virginia Rometty, also known as Ginny among staff, is the CEO, Chair and President of IBM. Despite technology primarily dominated by male heads and leaders, Virginia has defied the odds to hold a position at the top of one of the world’s most successful tech companies. She worked hard to get there by leading the company through a five-year growth plan and heading the sales team. She has been instrumental in making partnerships with the likes of Twitter, SAP and Apple.

3. Sharon White

Once dubbed as the most powerful black female in the UK, Sharon White has a stellar CV. This young lady was a well-known civil servant and held an esteemed role working with the British Treasury. In fact, she was the first black woman to be the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury. But she has not just been successful in politics. Sharon White is now the chairperson of the John Lewis Partnership, and also the CEO of Ofcom.

4. Indra Nooyi

You might know Indra Nooyi as the previous CEO of PepsiCo. But the workers of PepsiCo know her as the woman who was forward-thinking enough to penetrate an evolving market and keep Pepsi relative. She was the woman behind Tropicana’s acquisition, which then held almost half of the chilled juices market in the USA. This might be one of the reasons he Wall Street Journal named her in the top 50 women to watch in business and Fortune considered her the second most powerful woman in the world!