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CMIC, Inc.: Conquering Zeniths of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technology has been aiding the evolution of our lives with the same pace it has been reforming a plethora of conventional disciplines. But the true […]

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Tapping the Power of Big Data to Draw Intelligent Conclusions

Big Data in the 21st Century can be referred to as Oil in the 18th Century as an immensely valuable untapped asset. Like oil, for […]

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
5 Key Points for Doing a Comprehensive Competitor Analysis

Do you think there is any chance to succeed in business without a healthy competition? I have two answers to this question. Yes, you can […]

Ken Tan Kian Hui, Founder & CEO, Accentuate Pte Ltd
Accentuate Pte Ltd: Aiding the Development of SMEs Globally

Amidst the competitively chaotic landscapes of the business world, to offer a truly disruptive product or a solution is both, an arduous task as well […]

Fractal Technologies Inc.: Driving a Global EDA Industry Transcendence

The current landscape of the Electronics Design and Automation industry is being ceaselessly transformed with the introduction of disruptive technological advancements. This transformation is evidently […]

Ivan Braun, Founder & CEO, Icons8
Icons8: Empowering Creators by Leveraging Predictive Analytics

It is common for designers to spend a considerable amount of time to create and add value to products. Often times they stumble upon hurdles […]

RM Applications: Ascending towards the Zeniths of Excellence

The inception of a technological revolution which could be stated as nothing less than a wildfire has conceived the becoming of ‘digital-everything’. The conversion of […]

Sitetracker Inc.: A Global Platform Powering the Successful Deployment of Critical Infrastructure

With an aspiring vision of powering the successful deployment of critical infrastructure, Sitetracker came into existence in 2013. Based out of Palo Alto, CA, the […]

Rory Granros | Founder & President | Oak Barrel Software
Oak Barrel Software: Solves Data Frustration Via Digifacturing

With the mission of creating the next generation of world-class enterprise solutions, Oak Barrel Software, LLC is targeting Process Manufacturing issues that have been unaddressed by the large software/service […]