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Rajesh Ramachandran | Vice President of Product Engineering | Computhink

Never Far from Everything You Need

During these uncertain times, companies require alternatives to the traditional office environment. Teams working from home face challenges as they attempt to effectively communicate and […]

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Bram Lerouge | CEO | Doccle
Doccle: Bringing Innovation in Digital Document Distribution

“Content is key in our business development because every administrative document has his specific processes, legislations, archiving needs,” says Bram Lerouge.  Bram is the CEO […]

Markus Schmuck | Founder | MereSecure
MereSecure, Inc: An Emblem of Trust and Integrity

Prior to the pandemic, the need for secure information transmissions and avoidance of data leakage, ransomware attacks, and phishing, all lead to the creation of […]