The Most Inspirational Business Leaders to Watch, 2019

Cover Story

Sangeeta Prasad | Managing Director & CEO | Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited | Business Magazine

Sangeeta Prasad: Marking Success with Proficiency

The concept of leadership is shaped by people who are eager to convert ideas into action. Leaders must be creative with their ideas. They must also possess the ability to […]

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Ismael Wrixen | Group CEO | FE International | Business Magazine
Ismael Wrixen: A Trailblazing CEO in a Cutting-Edge Industry

Some people require decades of experience before they can take on leadership roles, for others it is a natural fit. An example of the latter is Ismael Wrixen, Group […]

Lance Crosby | CEO & Chairman | SoftLayer | Business Magazine
Lance Crosby: Taking the Cloud to the Edge

Thanks mainly to the rise of the internet, our our world has changed massively in last two decades. And as technology has changed the way we live our […]

Marcus Schmalbach | Founder & CEO | RYSKEX GmbH | Business Magazine
Marcus Schmalbach: Mounting Leadership through Perseverance

Leadership is more of a responsibility than a designation. It involves inspiring others and and building trust between team members. Leaders also have toto strategize the work culture management and associate […]

Owen Richards | Managing Director | Air Marketing Group | Business Magazine
Owen Richards: Boosting Business Development through Customer Centric Offering

In marketing, potential buyers are not only convinced with hyper marketing, but also observe the hard work that an organisation puts into customer service. Understanding the true power […]

Balaji Ramachandran | Founder & Chief Executive Officer | SoftClouds | Business Magazine
Balaji Ramchandran: Leading the Team with Inspiration, Integrity, Innovation and Intellect

In this time of evolution, the corporate world has entered an unprecedented era. Now, business sector is more prevalent and accessible than ever before. To maintain the privacy […]