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Jenny Lin | Chief Operating Officer & board Director | CMIC | Business Magazine

Jenny Lin: Redefining Benchmarks in the World of Business

Vision, Courage, Integrity, Focus, and Humility are the founding stones of a business leader. These are the words of someone who falls in line with […]

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Ms. Nin Desai, President & CEO, NIN VC
Success in the Venture World

As of 2017, 6% of the venture capitalists were women and only 2.7% women owned businesses received venture capital funding. Being a VC in this startup economy, where […]

Assertive Leadership: Tips for Millennial Women in Business

“To be passive is to let others decide for you. To be aggressive is to decide for others. To be assertive is to decide for […]

Jane Adshead-Grant | Executive Coach, Facilitator & Speaker | online business magazine
Jane Adshead-Grant: Instilling Leadership, Inspiring Change

We often idolize those, who are in a position where being influential and inspirational is evident. Seldom do we comprehend or try to fathom the […]

Marina Tognetti | Founder | mYugle | online business magazine
Marina Tognetti: Connecting the World and Making it a Better Place

“If it is a woman holding the torch while leading you to glory, follow her without a doubt; she knows the path like the back […]

Yumi Alyssa Kimura | CEO | Lead | online business magazine
Yumi Alyssa Kimura: Rising Beyond Discrimination

A good leader is an inclusive one, they encourage trust within an organization and its team members, they allow feedback to be a ritual rather […]

Sheri Atwood | Founder & CEO | SupportPay | online business magazine
Sheri Atwood: Aiding a Better Family Life through Technology

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of crests and troughs, it is the harsh lines of realities that often toss and turn overnight which […]

Victoria Lennox | President & Co-Founder | startup canada
Victoria Lennox: Leading a Global Technology Revolution

Entrepreneurship as a skill is a complex entity which encompasses a plethora of attributes one is needed to exhibit. In its essence, this skill aids […]