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Robbie Antonio | Founder & CEO | Revolution Precrafted [ Business Magazine ]

REVOLUTION PRECRAFTED: Constructing the Dream Infrastructures

Launched in 2015, Revolution Precrafted is the global leader in branded prefab structures. The organization offers branded prefab homes, pavilions, glamping accommodations, medical and commercial pop-ups, museums, furniture and […]

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Aaron Du Founder & CEO | Beam - [ Business Magazine]
Beam: Changing the Way of Banking

Banking today is a competitive world, where it’s difficult to truly differentiate between the loan or asset side. According to American Bankers, the deposit side of […]

Shai Gilboa | Co-founder & CEO | Faception [Business Magazine ]
Faception: A Trailblazing Security Solutions Provider

In an interview with Insights Success, Shai Gilboa, Co-founder and CEO of Faception, shares his experience and gives resourceful insights on security solutions and its future. In […]

Djoann Fal | CEO & Co-founder | GetLinks [ Business Magazine ]
GetLinks: Fostering Asia’s digital transformation through uniting its technology workforce

“Stop dreaming about working in Silicon Valley; let’s build the next Silicon Valley in Asia!” Carrying this mission ahead, GetLinks stepped into the market to support people to […]

Tim Fields | CEO | Kabam [ Business Magazine ]
Kabam: A Winning Streak in the Gaming Industry

Would you like to be an Avenger or a Transformer or a member of the Fast and Furious Family? We know whenever you watch these blockbusters the […]

Cristobal Viedma | Founder | Lingokids [ Business Magazine ]
Lingokids: English Learning Made Simple

Convincing a proactive 5 year old child to sit still and study in front of a textbook can be a daunting task for parents. New generations are […]

Christina Bognet | Co-founder & CEO | PlateJoy [ Business Magazine ]
PlateJoy: Discover the Easy Way to Eat Better

76% of Americans want to eat healthier, according to a recent Food and Health survey. But despite this goal, Americans are unhealthier than ever. 70% of the US […]

Ainsley Braun | CEO | Tinfoil Security [ Business Magazine ]
Tinfoil Security: Security for Developers and DevOps

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO of Tinfoil Security, Ainsley Braun shares the vital contributions of Tinfoil Security to the security industry. Tinfoil […]

Boatsetter: Sailing towards Global Success

We all wish to be a sailor or at least desire to have a worth cherishing a water-ful experience, cruising, active water sports, fishing, blue water sailing, and […]

EntrenaYA: Assisting in Accomplishing Fitness Goals

Physical exercise essential part of our lives. We all love to have a toned physic and a healthy lifestyle. Every one of us choose various activities to keep […]