The Most Disruptive Quantum Technology Companies to watch

Cover Story

Richard Blech | CEO & Founder | Secure Channels Inc.

Secure Channels Inc.: Enabling Authentic Data Security Solutions for Everyone

Privacy has always been crucial subject of discussion and data privacy is the main concern for today’s advanced world. From saving data to cloud storage to send a simple office/personal […]

Project Listings

Dr. Christian Zenger | CEO & Co-founder | PHYSEC GmbH
PHYSEC GmbH: Enabling Secure Connectivity in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens lots of opportunities for businesses and increases the growth of connected devices which has resulted in an exceptional growth in data. […]

Paul Lichty | Founder & CEO | Forge Nano Inc.
Forge Nano: Making ALD Reliable, Scaleable, and Affordable

Forge Nano is a global expert in Particle Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Through years of extensive research and development, they have put the days of […]

Daan Kuitenbrouwer | COO | Delft Circuits
Delft Circuits: Enhancing the Potential of Quantum Industry

Quantum technology is an emerging field of engineering and physics. This technology works on the principle of quantum physics. It creates various practical applications such as quantum sensors, […]