The Most Disruptive Quantum Technology Companies

Cover Story

Dr. Brian Antao | Principal Founder | TundraSystems Global LTD

TundraSystem Global LTD.: Developing the Next Frontier of Technology

Classical computing implemented in a CMOS based semiconductor technology is approaching the upper bounds imposed by electrons on how small the device sizes can be […]

Project Listings

Dr. Christian Zenger | CEO & Co-founder | PHYSEC GmbH
PHYSEC GmbH: Enabling Secure Connectivity in IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens lots of opportunities for businesses and increases the growth of connected devices which has resulted in an exceptional growth in data. […]

Dr. Duncan Earl | President & CTO | Qubitekk, Inc.
Qubitekk: Unleashing the Power of Quantum

The entanglement of two particles’ quantum states was first theorized by Einstein and experimentally proven by the 1980s. Qubitekk was founded on the idea that this quantum […]

Pavel Konecny | CEO | Neuron soundware
Neuron Soundware: We Listen- So You Can Fix it Before it Breaks

Established in February 2016, Neuron soundware delivers smart diagnostic solutions based on the acoustic analysis of machines in several industries including the energy sector. The […]