The Most Creative Business Leaders 2020 August2020

Cover Story

Nika Dominique Cagle | Founder, Owner, & CEO | Nika Corporate Housing

“Nika” Dominique Cagle: Redefining Benchmarks of Corporate Housing

Meet Dominique Cagle, the Founder, Owner, and CEO of Nika Corporate Housing, whose unique ideas and methodologies have led her achieving many milestones in her […]

Project Listings

Patrick Henry | CEO & President | GroGuru
PATRICK HENRY: Helping Farmers Implement Strategic Irrigation Management

With the focus on helping farmers implement strategic irrigation management GroGuru came into existence. The organization measures things like soil moisture, temperature, and salinity at […]

Tarek Mohamed | CEO | Sharetheload
Tarek Mohamed: An Autodidact Leader with Innovative Vision

I think, to ever be a CEO/Director, you need to have a brutal streak to ensure everything is done right despite it isn’t right. Just always […]