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The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2019 [ Business Magazine ]

Rachel K.Mushahwar: When Inspiration Wears a Suit

We constantly hear that the world is getting smaller. The credit for that usually goes to the internet but, in the physical world, logistics makes the real difference. Logistics companies streamline the flow of components and products, accelerating the entire cycle from raw materials to final delivery with pinpoint accuracy. These supply chains have become the single most critical element of our consumer-centric world. Success in this highly competitive field requires foresight, innovation, and agility. These three characteristics describe MES, Inc. perfectly…….
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Sudha Mahajan: Reaching the New Milestones of Leadership

It is certain that ‘Initial struggles often lead to Success’. The success story of Sudha Mahajan, the Sr. Director Product Management (Principal Group PM), aptly exemplifies this line. Sudha came to United States from India in 1999 for her master’s in computer science with her two suitcases and lots of dreams. She did not have a support system in the U.S, but all she knew was that the U.S. is a land of opportunities…….
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The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business, 2019

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