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“ProStar is a world leader in developing precision mapping solutions that provide unprecedented geospatial intelligence, location precision and transparency.”
The Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovation in 2019

ProStar Geocorp

How an Innovative mapping technology is addressing a big problem. The inadequacy and deterioration of the roads, bridges and highways that crisscross our nation is now an issue that threatens our economy, our citizens and our environment. You are likely already aware of how critical these transportation systems are to support our commercial and daily commuting activities. What you may not fully appreciate is the amount of maintenance that is required to sustain this massive network of asphalt, cement, and steel. The US Government estimates it could take as much as 2 trillion dollars over the next ten years to make the transport systems adequate to meet our growing demands………
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The Industry Disruptors Redefining Innovation in 2019