The Future of B2B Marketing

The Future of B2B Marketing

As we move ahead, with the increasing population of millennials in the companies handling the marketing strategies, the methods of the B2B marketing are taking a new turn. The internet of things has created a huge platform for all the people around the globe. Irrespective of your age or knowledge or expertise, anyone can launch their product or sell their service on the internet if they acquire the smart skill set to market their product.

Here are a few trends which are going to bring highly effective changes in the B2B marketing in the coming future.

Artificial Intelligence

In the era of digitalization, everything around us is becoming automated or digitalized. The smartness of the machine can be aptly used to improve the marketing strategies for any services. The feedback from the customers is the most important milestone of improvement for any firm. Even if it’s B2B or B2C, in the end it’s a human satisfying another human’s needs. Hence to make sure that the receiver is satisfied with the service, your data manager is the most essential tool that will provide you insights about the reaction of the receiver and hence guide your firm on the improvement path.

Event Organization

ThrowBackThursday posts are the most trending posts and probably all of us have used such trendy hashtags on our social media feed. The upcoming generations tend to increase more and more trends of such sort to create impact on the market and seek attention and envy. So today if we organize an event, first thing we do is upload a post regarding the event. Social Media sites are the biggest platforms which receive the highest response from the public. Future is imperative to utilize such platforms for informing the launch of products or arrival of new exciting services.

Videos and GIFs

Many surveys show that today around more than half of the world uses videos and motion pictures like Gifs and other methods to explain ideas and information to the customers. Education and machine industry, fashion and textile industry, healthcare and biotech industry, everyone is involved with YouTube and other sites that allow showcasing videos from any uploader. Using Adobe Flash Player and other relevant apps have made it very convenient for the companies to explain the product functioning or information to the viewers. Not just that, companies are also earning great returns from the videos uploaded publicly.

Personalized Experience

Using the Internet of Things has also benefited the customers to get personalized experience as they have everything at the tip of their finger. The SEO improvises the internet search feed of the user according to the history of searches and understanding the pattern of the search preferences. Also people are able to book trips, hotels, plane tickets, order food, furniture, cosmetics and private therapy appointments without going to the desires places in person. Hence we can say that with time, there are going to be improvements in the service provisions as well as increase in the variety of services provided.

The machines are gaining human smartness and intelligence at a much faster pace than we are accounting. Hence it’s just a matter of time when there will be machines doing all the work which humans demand. The future of B2B marketing is much dependent at the machine intelligence end and the amount in which humans utilize it to improve their network and gain returns from it.

– Namita Patil

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