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Purchasing Power: Helping Cash-Strapped Employees Achieve Financial Flexibility

It’s hard to believe that most U.S. workers today continue to live paycheck to paycheck. In spite of recovering from the Great Recession and unemployment at its lowest rate in decades, employees today still are not earning more than they did 40 years ago when adjusted for inflation (The Guardian, July 2018). With rising rents/mortgages, student loans, car payments, healthcare costs and credit card debt, it’s no wonder nearly half (48%) of hardworking Americans suffer increasing stress over personal finances. reported in January 2019 that 78% of American workers claim they are living paycheck-topaycheck. 58% don’t have $1,000 in savings, leaving them financially vulnerable to ordinary household emergencies, to speak nothing of retirement………..
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The Fastest Growing Companies to Admire in 2019