The Companies with Most Disruptive Retail Solutions 2019 June19

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Cover Story

SKYPAD | online business magazine

SKYPAD: Connecting Global Retailers and Suppliers with an Innovative SaaS Platform

Founded with a mission to solve complex business problems utilizing the perfect combination of hardware, software and exceptional technical expertise, Sky IT Group evolved to be recognized as the trailblazer in retail industry since its inception in November 2000. During its initial phase, although with a small team, the organization focused on business intelligence solutions to retail and wholesale industries. As a result of a strong industry understanding combined with exceptional data science and analytics expertise, the company has created a SaaS platform – SKYPAD………
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Company of the Month

shailesh savani | founder & CEO | compulynx | online business magazine

CompuLynx: Helping Businesses to Become Smarter

Started back in 1994 with the vision to make every business a smart business CompuLynx the retail solutions provider moved to digital identity over a period of time. Currently, the organization has two very distinct areas of business operations: one is a vertical………….
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The Companies with Most Disruptive Retail Solutions 2019

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