The Companies with Most Disruptive Innovation

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Disruption drives Businesses!

To dwell in the current markets and be prepared for upcoming future dilemmas, various industries are on a race to attain advanced innovations for the […]

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Augusto Mitidieri | CEO | Sintetica
Sintetica: Promoting Creativity and Innovation Since 1921

Innovation is the definition of progress and become the mainstay of organizations. The arena of global business industry has been changed by the speed of innovation. Sintetica is […]

Ellen Voie | CAE | Women In Trucking Association, Inc.
Women In Trucking, Inc.: Addressing Women in the Trucking Industry Workforce

Women’s empowerment is not limited to technical careers; instead, women have explored and contributed in many industries and are providing muchuntapped potential. One example is in the area of trucking. Ellen […]

Greg Popham | Vice President of Global Channel Sales | Highfive
Highfive: Reimagining Meetings and the Channel

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Redwood City, California, Highfive is a privately held enterprise specializing in intelligent, in-room video conferencing. The company is on a mission to […]

John F. Hoffman | CEO | Pivotal Systems
Pivotal Systems: A Key Player in the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor devices influence our lives on a daily basis and are all around us. They can be found in just about every commercial product we touch, from […]

Rob Barber | CEO | ATTOM Data Solutions
ATTOM Data Solutions: Helping to Make Better Business Decisions

With the aim to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make better business decisions ATTOM Data Solutions came into foray. The organization provides […]

Stefan Lindvall | CEO | MultiTech
MultiTech: Transforming the Way We Live

Internet of Things (IoT)! For some it’s just a fad, for some it’s a great piece of technology. However, despite many contradictory statements and theories, we […]

Shamsh Hadi | Co-founder & CEO | ZorroSign
ZorroSign: Taking Electric Signature to the Next Level

In 2015, ZorroSign was founded in order to use one of its cofounder’s patented electronic signature technology to create a unified platform of complete advanced […]

Jeffrey Hohl | CEO & Jim Otterbeck | Chairman | OnePoint Patient Care
OnePoint Patient Care: Unwavering Commitment and Compassionate Care to Patients

The world of hospice pharmacy revolves around life, death and responsibilities. Pharmacy providers are hospices’ front line when it comes to successfully managing patients’ symptoms and quality of […]