The 50 Most Valuable Tech Companies

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Andy White | Chairman & CEO | Trilliant Networks - Insights Success

Trilliant Networks: Connecting the World of Things™

As the era of Internet of Things (IoT)evolves and grows, there is increasing pressure on utilities and energy retailers to deal with supply limitations, environmental […]

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Andrew Silver | Co - founder | Tango Networks - Insights Success
Managing Corporate Communications on Mobile Devices

By Andrew Silver, CTO Tango Networks There is a strange inconsistency in how enterprises manage mobile communications compared to other types of business communications. With […]

Dane Matheson | Vice President | Global Business Development - Insights Success
Disruptive Technology Organizations: Driving the Exponential Conglomerate

The 4th Generation of the Industrial Revolution has arrived, now too must come the companies! Doubletap Ventures is a select entry entrepreneur society and the […]

Subodh Parulekar | CEO & Co-Founder | AFour Technologies - Insights Success
AFour Technologies: Delivering Excellence from the Best in the Field

The search for a software engineering services company that assists customers in building and maintaining high quality, scalable and secure software systems using agile methodologies […]

Gordon Shevlin | CEO | Allgress - Insights Success
Allgress: Redefining Risk and Security Management

A CISO position comes with numerous responsibilities that include unique and challenging decisions. The burden of providing risk, security and compliance management to top organizations […]

Richard Rabins | Co- Founder, CEO & Co-Chairman | Alpha Software Corporation - Insights Success
Alpha Software Corporation: Cost-effectively Deploy Enterprise Applications with Outstanding User Experiences

Being pre-eminent when it comes to providing mobile application development, Alpha Software Corporation is one of the well-known names in the industry. One of its […]

Christopher Carter | CEO | Approyo - Insights Success
Approyo: Igniting the Future by Revolutionizing Data

Companies are now realizing the benefits of the Cloud and Big Data. SAP in the cloud is no longer a crazy thought. Now it is […]

Avetta: Building Trustworthy Bonds through Responsive Technology and Human Insight

As outsourcing continues to take a strong hold and the economic and operational value it delivers becomes increasingly apparent, the supply chain model has grown […]

Mark Rhyman | Co-CEO & Chief Business Development Officer | Big Bang ERP - Insights Success
Big Bang ERP: Trusted Advisor for all Your Cloud Needs

If you are looking for a consulting firm that works directly with you to address your business’ needs and develop best-in-class cloud solutions, Big Bang ERP – a cloud solutions […]

John Onder | Principal, Strategic Consulting | CBIG Consulting - Insights Success
CBIG: Discovering, Developing and Realizing Business Potentials

The business technology scenario is undergoing a rapid transformation phase, it’s changing so fast that if you miss something you may not catch it up […]

Quentin Adam | CEO | Clever Cloud - Insights Success
Clever Cloud: An Agile Industrialized Hosting

Undeniably, cloud technology has brought a revolution in adoption of technology in the recent times. Remember Floppy disk, magnetic tape, and CDs? All had gone […]

David Myers | President & CEO | DataPath - Insights Success
DataPath: Unveiling the Future of Communication

Founded in 1991 and having continually evolved along with communications networks and the way customers think, DataPath now offers full-service, comprehensive communication solutions. Originally launched with […]

Valrie Grant | Founder & MD | GeoTechVision - Insights Success
GeoTechVision: Delivering Value through Innovative Solutions

GeoTechVision is a world-class consultancy firm, dedicated towards providing innovative &business specific Geo-spatial solutions. At GeoTechVision, providing location information for actionable intelligence, along with Innovative ICT […]

Zel Bianco | Founder , President & CEO | Interactive Edge - Insights Success
Interactive Edge: Industry Leader in Data Analysis and Presentation

An industry leader in data analysis and presentation software, Interactive Edge has been helping companies, specifically in the Consumer Goods industry, to improve productivity, enhance […]

David Mansilla | Founder & CEO | ISU Corp - Insights Success
ISU Corp: World Class Software Development Services

ISU Corp is a world class software development company founded in May 2005. They develop custom software applications that provide automated business processes for their […]

Steven Minsky | Founder & CEO | LogicManager - Insights Success
LogicManager: The Best ERM Software with a Unique Approach

Best known for its integrated approach to solving traditional risk management, governance, and compliance challenges, LogicManager offers top-rated software and support, which enables demonstrable customer […]

Sophie Ennadi | Co-Founder & CEO | NAJMTEK - Insights Success
NAJMTEK: A Leading Lone Star Company

Founded in 2014 with a vision to become the World Premiere Technology company offering infinite adaptability and optimal mobility to people and businesses, NAJMTEK has […]

Dominique Jodoin | President & CEO | NoviFlow - Insights Success
NoviFlow: Deploying High-performance Forwarding Planes

Traditional networks are inflexible, expensive and simply can’t scale efficiently to meet the quickly evolving demands of fast growing usage of network such as video streaming, cloud computing, cybersecurity […]

Mike LeRoy | President | Paper-Less - Insights Success
Paper-Less, LLC:

Many manufacturing companies striving to achieve the next level of continuous improvement through technology have found  Paper-Less, LLC  to be a trusted guide and partner. […]

Jerome Lecat | CEO | Scality - Insight Success
Scality: A World Leader in Object and Cloud Storage

To get your organization in a position to seize the opportunities enabled by on-premise object and cloud storage, start by looking at a prominent solution […]

Gary Miliefsky | CEO | SnoopWall - Insights Success
SnoopWall: Global Leader in Breach Prevention

Breaches are in the news every day. Whereas, the industry is in an educational phase, called ‘crossing the chasm,’ whereby IT staffs are just learning […]

Rob McDougall | President & CEO | Upstream Works Software - Insights Success
Upstream Works: Redefining the Customer Experience

Most businesses that are considering adding digital channels like email or chat see the value of a consistent communications platform with one set of agent and management tools for processing all […]

Jim Vogt | President & CEO | Zettaset - Insights Success
Zettaset: Choice of Organizations That Desire Excellence

In today’s competitive economy, data is the primary asset enterprises and individuals possess. In cloud computing, the foremost user concerns revolve around data integrity, confidentiality […]

Technology, the Core of Every Single Company Today - Insights Success
Technology, the Core of EverySingle CompanyToday

Today, no matter what services or products it provides, every company is a technology company. The companies that shape our world truthfully embrace this fact. […]

itality of R&D in an Organization’s Growth - Insights Success
Vitality of R&D in an Organization’s Growth

Research and Development plays an important role in leveraging technology to reap maximum benefits in the form of innovative products, processes, and services. Many companies […]