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Amy Schoemehl: A Visionary business leader with human centric leadership approach

“As a leader with over twenty years of work experience, I want to impact positive change,” says Amy Schoemehl. She is the Chief Operating Officer at E. A. Renfroe & […]

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Adela Mehic-Dzanic, Head of CSP segment, MAVOCO AG
Adela Mehic-Dzanic: Playing the Infinite Game

It is a characteristic of leader that he or she is motivated I by the spirit of contribution to the society by using technological advancements. […]

Benjamin Buchanan The Best IoT Professional

Over the years, many technological innovations quickly rose to prominence but ended up falling off just as fast. What happens to those systems beyond? Odds […]

Elitsa Krumova: Technological Influencer and Thought Leader

The technological trend involves connecting almost any device and sensor to the Internet and puts you in control of this vast array of technologies & […]

James Phipps: Committed Deliver Affordable, Efficient and Scalable IT Solutions

Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd US President said “To reach a port we must set sail. Sail not tie at anchor. Sail not Drift.” BeCloud’s journey is not hapless […]

Matt Brown: Business Innovator & Disruptor

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step   Matt has launched over ten businesses. Some were successful and he sold them. Others […]

Nour Al Hassan: Uniting AI and Human Talent to Deliver Quality Content at Phenomenal Speed and Cost

It was the fascination for languages I and the way we communicate that inspired Nour Al Hassan to build Tarjama in 2008 to meet the growing demand for high-quality […]

Poornima Ramaswamy: A Dynamic, Results-oriented Leader

To lead in the digital age, everyone in the industry needs easy access to the latest and most accurate data. Good news: Poornima Ramaswamy, Executive […]

Tom Edwards: A Selfless, Great-thought Leader

If you are a technology start-up in search of strategic insight & resources, Tom Edwards is here to advise early-stage companies by providing strategic guidance, direction, […]

Victoria Pelletier: Bringing Information & Opportunity Together

In today’s changing environmental landscape, business leaders recognize that sustainability is fundamental to remain competitive. The global pandemic is accelerating the need for digital reinvention and […]

Wayne Zwiers: A Technology Maverick Solving Complex Business Problems

Adversity is inevitable but having resilience is the single most important factor that determines success”, believes Wayne Zwiers, the Founder of Basalt.   According to Wayne, leaders should be authentic, lead their […]

Anil Kumar | Founder, Chairman & CTO | Cavisson Systems Inc.
Anil Kumar: A Techno-Geek Setting a Glittering Instance of Prolific Leadership

The current business world, which is surrounded by technological advancements and technology rich organizations, needs innovative leaders who can pair technical knowledge and business acumen […]

Brigitte Falk | COO & CIO | FORCAM
Brigitte Falk: A Doyen of Management in the IT Industry Leading by Example

A prominent personality in the international IT Industry, Brigitte Falk is setting a striking instance of impactful leadership. Brigitte brings 25 years of management experience […]

Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David | CSO & Co-Founder | Secret Double Octopus
Dr. Shimrit Tzur: Providing Passwordless Authentication Solution to Enterprises

Influential business leaders are those who carry good decision-making abilities, courage, and presence of mind to lead businesses successfully. Those who are in technology sector […]

James Michael Lafferty | CEO | Fine Hygienic Holding
James Michael Lafferty: An Enthusiastic Business Leader and World Class Health Trainer

Today, the uncertainty and volatility are constantly affecting every aspect of organizations, and it’s clear that every business leader must address these changes of the […]

Karen Chung | CEO & Founder | Special Learning, Inc.
Karen Chung: The Driving Force and Innovation behind Special Learning

As the global autism prevalence rate continues to expand, just about 70 million parents of children with autism stand helpless. The sands of time take […]

Lars von Thienen | Company Manager | Noggle AG
Lars von Thienen: Integrating Technology, Software and Business Skills

In this digital era there is an increasing problem of each user i.e. the retrieval of records and documents. While storage locations are proliferating and […]

Morag Lucey | CEO | Televerde
Morag Lucey: Transforming Customer Experience by Tapping Potential of Technology

Technology offers enormous benefits. It makes things better and improves the quality of solutions. It is important to tap the potential of technology for the […]


We’ve entered a new decade but one thing that hasn’t changed is breaches of security and hackers trying to penetrate your firewalls. While personal devices […]