Rob bakshi: Technology Luminary

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Rob Bakshi: Technology Luminary

Creative leadership is the only way for businesses to thrive in the face of rapid change. So there is no question that Rob Bakshi, President […]

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Ray Georges Chehata: A True Visionary

As a President and CEO, Ray Georges Chehata compares leading a company to running a relay race. He thinks that throughout a company’s lifecycle, different leaders will take the […]

Dr. K. Cyrus Hadavi: A Courageous Trailblazer

Dr. K. Cyrus Hadavi founded Adexa in 1994. Prior to Adexa, he was one of the original team members at i2 technologies involved in many […]

Moe Goswami: Rethinking Work for Today’s Modern Markets

Moe Goswami is the founder of AINS, Inc. and has been the company’s President and CEO since its inception in 1988. Moe has more than […]

Krishna Rajagopal: Mantra of Success ‘No Shortcut to Success, Only Hard Work’

One cannot argue with the fact that excellent leadership is indispensable to business for making organizations successful. Role-modeling desired mind-sets and behavior, making the transformation […]

Dr. Andy Khawaja: Started at the Bottom, now Standing at the Top

Dr. Andy Khawaja, Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet in his early adulthood spent 12 years in retail. He learned the needs of every consumer, […]

Kevin Hoyle: A Diligent and Indefatigable Leader

A CEO is a go-getter, a motivated professional, and someone willing to push for what they want. If someone possesses these qualities of a CEO, […]

Jennifer Sutton Founder & CEO BRIGHT + CO
Jennifer Sutton: Bringing Passion and Energy to the Table

Jennifer Sutton, CEO & Founder, BRIGHT+CO Marketing, has approached every position she’s held as if she were the CEO of that role or department. Now […]

Steve Crutchley: A Practical & Realistic Leader

Being an owner of a business is no easy task, there are many aspects that need owners’ attention all the time. The CEO needs to […]

Ronen Sasson: A Relentless Visionary

A “Can do” approach to  Leadership Ronen Sasson, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CommuniTake, is an accomplished software industry executive and visionary, with an extensive history of pioneering new […]

Mikael Långström: A Bullheaded & Passionate Pioneer

The Internet has already brought hundreds of millions of people together and created connections that were never before possible — but this is just the […]

Gobi Ramasamy: A Visionary Entrepreneur of Technology

There is saying, ‘Guided by a powerful vision, great men accomplish greater things for themselves and society,’ but to do so men need passion, dedication […]

Novel Technologies that Simplify Enterprise Systems

The three big technologies impacting the enterprise in the near future are mobile, social, and cloud. These have all, of course, been around for a few years, but […]

Andreas Scherer: Transforming Thoughts into Reality

Running a business is a complex endeavor. For a company to succeed, a lot of things have to come together. And a CEO is responsible […]

It’s Never Too Early To Create A Process

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen businesses make and the reason I’ve failed in the past is a lack of processes. It’s not that […]

Ronald Barcellos: Hard Working Enthusiast

Every entrepreneur’s journey when retold with the benefit of hindsight can throw up valuable lessons on several aspects of ‘how to manage a business.’ However, […]

Kevin D. Glass president & CEO HAYSTACKID
Kevin D. Glass: Managing Business like an Artist

Art is about critique and honesty. An artist must be prolific, ‘thick-skinned,’ and creative to stand-out from the rest. These attributes inherently play a role […]

Gyanendra Kumar: Winning Trust of the Clients

Trust underscores his business. Not just in its name, infoTrust Singapore Pte. Ltd., but also in the core values that Gyanendra Kumar has framed with […]

David Mansilla: The Transformation Artist

Dynamic personality, dedicated work ethics, and a winning smile, these are some of the words that David Mansilla, Founder & CEO of ISU Corp Software, […]

Geo Janssens: A Passionate Team-builder

All successful organizations and businesses need effective leadership. Geo Janssens’s appointment as CEO of JONCKERS in 2016 has delivered a clarity-of-vision to JONCKERS strategy that […]

Bram Belzberg: Redefining the word “Optimism”

Bram Belzberg, CEO of KEV Group, started his career in New York’s Investment Banking industry. After two years of working on the ground floor at […]

Matthew Telesca: A Determined Innovative Leader

Effective leaders not only have the ability to motivate and encourage their team during good times, but maybe even more importantly, during difficult or challenging […]

Chris Anatra: An Ingenious Entrepreneur and Programmer

Chris Anatra is the Founder & President of NECS, Inc., the developer of entrée software for foodservice distribution. Chris began coding software while he was […]

Innovative Food And Beverages ‘From Farm To Fork’

From strict regulatory requirements, increased consumer awareness, market consolidation and more complex supply chains, food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers face constant challenges today to deliver […]

Mobility, Eco System and Cloud – Challenges and Answers

Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, each one of these companies are constantly changing the nature of how the technology-based products and services are created, consumed and […]

Kishore Rajgopal: An Exuberant Leader

Kishore Rajgopal, Founder and CEO of NextOrbit, represents the spirit of enthusiasm, perseverance and inspirational leadership to build startups that impact businesses and society. Kishore […]

Nino Tarantino: A Shrewd Leader

Nino Tarantino, CEO of Octo Telematics North America, is a leading pioneer in Insurance Telematics with more than two decades of experience in the global […]

Monish Luthra: A Pioneer

Monish Luthra founded Odysseus Solutions in 2005 with the aim to fill the industry need of an online travel booking engine that automates processes and […]

Dilip Rahulan: A Maverick Enjoying an Exhilarating Ride
Dilip Rahulan: A Maverick Enjoying an Exhilarating Ride

For every entrepreneur, tackling a set of challenges – be it on operations, strategy or funding – is part and parcel of their daily lives. […]

Yiorgos Marathias: Courageous Trailblazer

A daydreamer as a child, Yiorgos Marathias came to the U.S. from Greece when he was 17. Everything around him fascinated him. In love with […]

What Turns A Person Into CEO - Insights Success
What Turns A Person Into CEO

What makes you think that when you order a team of hundred people to do a certain job, they will do exactly what you say? […]