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Consultants Industry: ‘Putting the Right Talent at the Right Place’

Companies always seem to want more, when it comes to hiring the best talent for the company. As one can observe, the consulting industry has […]

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Miro Consulting: A Software License Management Expert

Since 2000, Miro Consulting has leveraged its experience and expertise in the software license management space, to help its clients save money, ensure compliance, and […]

NetLZ Consulting: Spreading The Word, Through Viral Marketing

Today, the change has morphed into complexity. Every business entity wants to establish their brand into market. Everybody wants to grow, capture maximum market share, […]

NextNet Partners: In the Business of Making Clients More Successful in the Digital Age

NextNet Partners is in the business of making clients more successful by bringing them the best technology and brightest people in the industry. NextNet Partners […]

Nexus Global Business Solutions: “Connecting Knowledge and Excellence”

Recognized globally, across various industries, for delivering sustainable solutions that optimize both an organization’s assets and processes to yield a ROI of 10:1 or greater, […]

PQ Media: Proven and Best-In-Class Econometric System

Pioneers of emerging media research, PQ Media is the leading provider of global media econometrics. PQ Media’s industry-leading predictive econometrics system serves executives charged with […]

RAS & Associates: Consulting Reimagined

Information Technology can be a significant driver of value for almost any organization. However, many organizations view IT as more of a necessary evil than […]

Stumbling Blocks Before Management Consulting Firms

For the past few years, the performance of the IT Consulting Industry in the challenging economic climate is excellent. The performance of IT consulting industry […]

Information Technology Consultant

Information Technology consulting is a discipline of work that concentrates on guiding organizations on how to use information and communication technologies to accomplish their business […]

Shamrock Consulting Group: Advising Clients in a Changing Environment

Finding an IT consulting firm who guarantees to provide the best mix of price, reliability and service is a challenge to any business. Fortunately, Shamrock […]

St. Charles Consulting Group: Innovative, Customized and Integrated Solutions for Forward Thinking Companies

St. Charles Consulting Group (St. Charles) is a one of a kind consulting firm that delivers its solutions through a “network model” which engages highly […]

What Google Learned About Teams (and what leaders can do about it) By Patty McManus

Team members at Google are challenged in much the same way as nearly everyone else in corporate life. To get things done, they need to […]

Strativity Group: Expert Analysts, Insightful Strategists, and Action-Oriented Consultants

Helping clients incorporate their customer experience into the strategy of the organization, Strativity Group is assessing clients about what is the brand? What is the […]

Synergy Consulting: Promoting Talent in an Environment of Excellence

Synergy Consulting believes in investing in its team talent rather than focusing on “brand-building” via media and PR. With offices in the USA, India, and […]

TechSage Solutions: Business Driven, Technology Based, Consulting Solutions

TechSage Solutions researches, explores and vets new technologies to provide best in class technical support and customer service. They help clients accomplish their business goals […]

The Rothschild Corporation: Practical Strategies for Complex Problems

Consultancy is a term given to the process of advising the clients to overcome their complicated difficulties. While consulting, one must consider all the factors […]

The Spear Group: The Best In Consulting & Project Delivery

From the major construction projects to the major ERP implementations, there is an inherent conflict of interest with consultants and contractors. The consultants and contractors want […]

TOP Step Consulting: Proficiency in Professional Services Efficiency

Having a vast experience from  running  PS companies and being able to understand the needs of professional services organizations, TOP Step Consulting can map productivity […]