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Rob van Egmond | CEO | Quintiq- Insights Success

Rob van Egmond: A leader whose Passion for Technology has Defined his Path

From a historical viewpoint, a leader has always been represented as someone in command or in authority; one who issued directives and enforced their execution […]

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Entrepreneurship Fostering in Emerging Markets - Insights Success
Entrepreneurship Fostering in Emerging Markets

From decades, the entrepreneurship and emerging markets research floods have converged. Emerging markets are now providing an opportunity to examine entrepreneurship in different contexts and […]

Instilling Enhanced Moralities to Become a More Influential Person- Insights Success
Instilling Enhanced Moralities to Become a More Influential Person

There is a fast paced evolution going on in the world, and the pace of change is only going to keep on increasing. It is […]

F Never Stands for Fear of Failure, F Stands for Moving Forward - Insights Success
F Never Stands for Fear of Failure, F Stands for Moving Forward

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” – Helen Keller It is easy to light a candle but how can one light the fire […]

Andrew Appel | President and CEO | IRI - Insights Success
Andrew Appel: Leading the Charge On Innovative, 1:1 Personalized Marketing at IRI

With today’s media consumption fragmenting at an unprecedented pace, marketers can choose from any number of exciting new platforms to reach their audience, but consumers […]

Arnold Donald | CEO | Carnival Corporation - Insights Success
Arnold Donald: The Leader who Grabbed Hold of an Opportunity and Spearheaded towards Success

Standing at the edge of his retirement phase and working tirelessly for Carnival Corporation for 12 long years, Arnold was all but assured how the […]

Brock Philp | CEO | Newforma - Insights Success
Brock Philp: An Experienced CEO Driven to Succeed

Possessing over 15 years of experience in leading multiple industry-specific software companies, Brock Philp is one of the leading transformational CEOs in the software industry. His contributions and […]

Ellen Voie | President and CEO | Women In Trucking - Insights Success
Ellen Voie: A Passionate Trailblazer who believes in breaking the Shackles of Comfort Zone

Women trying to enter the trucking industry have long faced cultural and physical barriers. Presently, there are an estimated 200,000 women behind the wheel of […]

Gary Olson | Principal | GHO Group LLC - Insights Success
Gary Olson: An IP Broadcast Designer Destined to be A Recognized Industry Leader

Building any company is the same as building a team, and its CEO is a leader, visionary, coach and deal maker. A good CEO understands […]

Keith Flynn | Founder and CEO | RtTech Software - Insights Success
Keith Flynn: A Visionary Who Set Out to Fill the Technological Voids

Internet of Things no more needs an introduction. When these IoT competencies are instigated in the Industrial and Manufacturing space, it becomes Industrial IoT. In […]

Dr. Michael Bertini | CEO | ProcessPro- Insights Success
Dr. Michael Bertini: An Innovation-Driven Entrepreneur Bringing Value to the Customers

Change is inevitable. And depending on how you approach it, it can be disruptive or extremely rewarding. To understand disruption in the businesses, one first […]

Salvador Escobedo | President & CEO | PEMEX Procurement International Inc. - Insights Success
Salvador Escobedo: Being an Agent of Change

One of history’s greatest minds, Albert Einstein, once defined insanity as “doing something over and over again and expecting different results.” If you want different […]

Steve Upshaw | CEO | Cross Country Home Services- Insights Success
Steve Upshaw: Innovative Leadership that’s Paving the Way for Transformation in the Home Services Market

The pursuit of innovation is a constant challenge in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, particularly for organizational leadership. Leaders need to create a culture that fosters […]

Deepak Mittal | Founder and CEO | xtLytics LLC - Insights Success
Deepak Mittal: An Accomplished Business Leader

The concept of entrepreneurship is in constant flux. Innovation and research adds to a growing knowledge base which organizations are leveraging to innovate while remaining […]

Ramesh Hariharan | CEO | Strand Life Sciences - Insights Success
Dr. Ramesh Hariharan: The Scientist Harvesting a Dream for a Billion People

We often hear of cutting edge technology successes in the west. It is however rare to find a company out of India that can push […]

Rashmi Varma | CEO | DreamBig - Insights Success
Rashmi Varma: A Curious Mind That Captured the Unknown with Passion

One of the most intriguing and fascinating creatures of nature is a lightning bug. When the world is lost in the darkness of night, rest […]

Glenn Trout | President and CEO | VelocityEHS - Insights Success
Glenn Trout: A Resilient and Tenacious Mind Defining the New Norm of ‘Never Giving Up’

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; […]

Steve Cowan | President & CEO | Jonas Construction Software - Insights Success
Steve Cowan: A Born Leader Driving Growth with Insight and Experience

A leader is expected to be a lot of things. More often than not, he is the epitome of all the expectations that everyone else […]

Ganesh Sabat | CEO | Sahajanand Medical Technologies - Insights Success
Ganesh Sabat: An Encouraging Medical Technology Leader

Today, medical device industry expects highly innovative products at a very fast pace. To sustain this demand in such a fast-paced sector is a tough […]

Vincent Forster - Co - Founder & CEO | Versantis - Insights Success
Vincent Forster: An Award-winning Visionary Saving Millions of Lives

The liver is the largest organ in human body and plays a significant role in the detoxification of metabolic slag. In case of liver failure, these toxic wastes […]