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“Incorporate, prototype, build the team, raise funds, find your product market fit. And, if you fail, pivot!”

Susan Akbarpour: mCart, Make the world Shop-able

It all started with Journalism. Born to journalist parents, Susan Akbarpour dove into journalism right after finishing her undergrad and a short stint of running businesses that her late parents left behind from when she was 19 to 22. Susan became the first female journalist at one of the oldest and most famous newspaper in Iran after the revolution. Her first assignment was writing a cooking column. But, her cooking column was just a flash in the pan. Within a few weeks, she hustled her way to become an investigative reporter, overcoming……………..
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Entrepreneur of the Year

Damian Crotty: Reforming the Benchmarks of Entrepreneurship

In an interview with Insights Success, the Founder of CloudFX and UNIoTE CompaniesDamian Crotty, nominated as the Entrepreneur of the Year, shares his insights behind commendable global ascension as an entrepreneur……….
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The 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs to Watch 2018

The Art of Leading

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