The 30 Most Influential Business Leaders

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Steve Dertien | Division Vice President | PTC | Insights Success

Steve Dertien: An Impeccable Tech-Savvy Professional in the Digital World

Experience polishes one’s natural born skills, and true leaders continuously evolve and improve not only the businesses in which they operate but their own careers […]

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Sara Brown | Voice President, Marketing | Multitech | Insights Success
Sara Brown: A Keen Marketing Leader

Every business requires a marketing person who is comfortable in any business environment. Without that skill, a marketer simply won’t be able to build the […]

Aimée Madden | Founder & CEO | CliniShift | Insights Success
Aimée Madden: Tackling the Healthcare Workforce Crisis

Great leaders have a knack of using technology and resources to address fundamental challenges within industries. One such business leader in technology entrepreneur is Aimée […]

Hriday Ravindranath | chief technology & information officer | BT’s Global unit | Insights Success
Hriday Ravindranath: Using Technology Innovation as a Tool for Business Transformation

In an interview with Insights Success, Hriday Ravindranath, the Chief technology and Information officer of BT’s Global unit, shares his insights on his entrepreneurial journey and global experience in complex […]

Nicolas Genest | Chief Executive Officer | CodeBoxx | Insights Success
Nicolas Genest: Success through Teaching and Empowerment

As technological innovation evolves at an accelerated pace, yet many are striving to attain skillful traits to function and contribute to society to their full potential. It is increasingly true […]

Daphna Nissenbaum | CEO & Co-Founder | TIPA® | Insights Success
Daphna Nissenbaum: A Disruptive Leader for a Good Cause

In an interview with Insights Success, Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TIPA®, elaborates on her impeccable approach on giving back to society through innovative technology. Today, the world is in […]

Srinivas Kilambi | CEO & Chairman | Keydabra Inc
Srinivas Kilambi: Expertise Leader in the Digital World

Leaders today need to understand and utilize the algorithmic power of AI that supports machine learning and deep learning. Successful business leaders have a keen understanding and the ability to see […]

Leticia Latino van -Splunteren | CEO | Neptuno USA | Corp
Leticia Latino van – Splunteren: Leading by Example

In an interview with Insights Success Leticia Latino van – Splunteren shares about her jouney and her contribution as a CEO through Neptuno USA, Corp. Leticia is a […]

Marc Rippen | CEO | ALERTGY | Insights Success
Marc Rippen: A Visionary on the Verge to Create a Difference

Meet Marc Rippen, the CEO of Alertgy  Marc is a visionary, a highly skilled creative engineer, a talented scientist, marketing professional and successful businessman, who thinks out of the box. […]

Paul Ford | Chief Executive Officer | Acin
Paul Ford: A Decisive Leader in Financial Services Industry

A good leader has the right personality, the right set of skills, knowledge, and an understanding for the industry concerns. Leaders develop vision, inspires other people, and ultimately provide strategy in […]

Rocelo Lopes | CEO | Stratum Blockchain Tech | Insights Success
Rocelo Lopes: Expert in Crypto-Currency and Blockchain Technologies

In an interview with Insights Success, Rocelo Lopes, CEO of Stratum Blockchain Tech, shares his journey and his contribution in the Crypto-Currency and Blockchain Technologies. He is […]